Each Flipped Learning Module (FLM) is a set of short videos and online activities that can be used (in whole or in part) to free up class time from content delivery for greater student interaction. At the end of the module, students are asked to fill out a brief survey, in which we adopt the minute paper strategy. In this approach, students are asked to submit their response to two brief questions regarding their knowledge of the module.

In this FLM, students are asked to view three videos introducing the passive and active voices, their construction and usage.

Key Terms

transitive and intransitive verbs, direct object, passive construction, register

Module Overview

  1. Overview
    • Introduction to Passive and Active Voice
    • Definition of Voice
      • Active
      • Passive
  2. Construction of the Passive and Active Voice
    • Transitive Verbs
    • Intransitive Verbs
    • Verbs that can act as either
    • Formation of Passive Voice
    • Alternative Passive constructions
  3. Usage
    • General Preference for Active Voice
    • Use of Passive

Download Video Transcripts

Video 1: Overview

Video 2: Construction of the Passive and Active Voice

Video 3: Usage

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