This checklist includes important reminders, deadlines, links, and tips for preparing your WR syllabus. Please review this checklist before submitting your draft syllabus to ensure that your syllabus aligns with the latest Writing Program requirements. Note that this checklist is for your use only and should NOT be submitted along with your syllabus. Consult the links above for semester-specific due dates.

When preparing your syllabus, did you

  • use the most up-to-date WR syllabus templates? Note changes for AY 23-24: WR 111/WR 112 are Pass/Fail; portfolio language must be included on WR 111-WR 120 syllabi; AI language must be included on all syllabi; standard attendance policy is clarified; grading policies are clarified. 
  • include your contact info and weekly office hours, of which at least 1 hour should be in person?
  • list required texts for your course and, if teaching WR 111 or WR 112, select appropriate texts?
  • explain your grading methods in detail (including our standard Pass/Fail policy for WR 111 and WR 112) and, if using a grading contract, include the contract in the syllabus?

When preparing your schedule, did you

  • use the most up-to-date WR schedule templates, which are uploaded here?
  • include unit names and descriptions?
  • include all the important semester dates?
  • indicate deadlines for all major assignments, including first and final drafts of papers and other major projects, presentations, and so on?
  • build in sufficient time between first and final drafts of papers/projects for you to give feedback on drafts and for students to review that feedback and revise their work?
  • build in time each week for developing writing skills and clearly indicate the skills students will be learning?
  • incorporate the appropriate Essential Lessons?
  • make sure that nothing is due after the last day of classes?

When formatting your syllabus and schedule, did you

  • remove all the highlights and notes for the instructor from the template?
  • use an easy-to-read sans serif font, like Arial or Verdana?
  • proofread the document and try to make it visually clean and easy to read?