For AY 2023-2024, we are excited to announce a more flexible approach to texts in WR 112. In general, WR 112 instructors should feel free to use as many of the following texts as they would like to build up their course, supplementing as they see fit with other texts (including advertisements, videos, podcasts, TED talks, etc.). Also consult this list of additional texts, videos, podcasts, etc. that was generated during our August 2023 WR 112 workshop. If you wish, you may also select a thematically-linked novel, memoir, or graphic novel/graphic memoir of your choice to complement the shorter readings, or you may stick to all shorter texts. If you use a longer work, feel free to use it at any point in the semester that makes sense to you given the pacing of your course. Please share any additional texts you are using beyond this list so that we may add them to our common pool of readings.

In selecting the texts below, a committee of WR 112 instructors in 2021-2022 kept the following principles in mind:

  • Appropriate level of difficulty for WR 112
  • Connections to a rich and diverse selection of longer works (novels, memoirs, etc.)
  • Different genres and types of essays
  • Diversity in the race, gender, and national origin of the authors
  • Easy and dependable access to the article, either through BU Library electronic resources or open access
  • Connection to the Hub theme for WR 112: Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy (see below)

WR 112 and the BU Hub

The BU Hub (general education requirements for all undergraduates across BU’s many schools and colleges) provides a broad and focused learning area of interdisciplinary learning experiences to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected world. Towards such an end, the BU Hub contains six essential capacities:

  1. Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Historical Interpretation
  2. Scientific and Social Inquiry
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Global Citizenship
  5. Communication
  6. Intellectual Toolkit.

WR 112 fulfills one unit in “Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Global Citizenship,” specifically in the area of “Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy” in which students are guided to explore how “our world is interlinked socially, economically, culturally, and politically” and (new in 2023) to consider the “historical and systemic bases of social and racial inequities occur in the world today.” 

New Readings by Theme

The articles below are grouped broadly by theme, and, within a theme, are alphabetized by author’s last name. Though some articles are listed under more than one theme, there are of course many more interesting points of connection between articles spanning themes than we are able to note here. Faculty are encouraged to use the themes below as a starting point for populating their syllabus, considering possible connections students might make in a comparative analysis and synthesis.

Download a list of all new readings, with links.