Acquisition of a second (or third, or fourth…) language is a life-long process. Some multilingual students you may encounter in WR 120 and other upper-level classes may have taken our sequence of classes for multilingual writers (WR 111 and WR 112), while others may place directly into WR 120. Some students may be noticeably stronger in oral or in written skills, as the imbalance of language skills is a natural part of language acquisition, and even students who speak or write prolifically, and fluently, may not be 100% accurate in their grammar. This variation is normal and expected, but should not keep you from enjoying your multilingual writers. If you are able to see beyond the dropped articles, you’ll discover that these are some of the smartest and most diligent students you’ll have in class.

Featured Resource: Spring 2023 Lightning Talk

Link to a Lightning Talk video on "Fostering an Inclusive Classroom for the Multilingual Writer"