As of Fall 2023, all WR students will create a portfolio in their first WR course and continue to add to it throughout subsequent WR courses. This cumulative portfolio assignment will create a shared experience for WR students, offering them a space to reflect on their growth and their developing identities as college writers and communicators over several semesters.

Instructor Guide

The WR Portfolio Instructor Guide contains everything you need to incorporate the WR cumulative portfolio in your class. It includes information about why we use portfolios and an overview of the cumulative portfolio assignment, including information about videos that guide students through creating portfolios for the first time, how to access your students’ portfolios, and who to contact if you or your students need help.

The cumulative portfolio assignment includes a literacy narrative and a final reflective essay. In addition to this pair of reflection assignments, common across all 100-level WR courses, instructors should integrate reflective writing throughout the semester and in a variety of ways.

Students should be referred to this set of videos in order to receive guidance on how to create and update their portfolios.

Cumulative Portfolio Assignments

Portfolio Assignment for WR 111, 112, & 120

Literacy Narrative Assignment

Portfolio Assignment for WR 151, 152, & 153

Final Reflective Essay

Reflective Writing

While the assignments above should be assigned as written and shared across sections, there is plenty of opportunity for instructors to be creative as they tailor the other reflections they ask students to do to their own course content, course level, and/or teaching style. See Reflective Writing Activities for ideas and adaptable examples.