David Schnasa Jacobsen

Bishops Scholar in Homiletics and Preaching, Director, Homiletical Theology Project

David Schnasa Jacobsen is President-elect of the Academy of Homiletics (2020). He leads the homiletics concentration for STH’s PhD program in practical theology. Prior to coming to STH in 2011, he was Professor of Homiletics at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) and cross-appointed faculty for the ThD program in homiletics at Toronto School of Theology. He was the 2001 Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Kiel in Germany through the deutsch-kanadische Kommission.

Jacobsen is one of the most prolific researchers in homiletics today and has authored nine books, numerous juried articles, sermons helps, and sermons. His research project at STH, the Homiletical Theology Project, is sponsoring continuing consultations in crucial research areas for the field like Christian preaching and the Hebrew Bible, pedagogy and intercultural communication theories, and a newly planned global project on homiletics and trauma for a future issue of the international journal, Religions. He is presently working on a new book under contract with Eerdmans on a public theology of Word and Sacrament in an age of disenchantment.


Employment Experience

2011 – Present: Professor of the Practice of Homiletics & Director, Homiletical Theology Project at Boston University School of Theology

1996 – 2011: Professor of Homiletics, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Ontario
Full Professor (2007)
Associate Professor and tenured (2001)
Assistant Professor (1997)

2006 – 2011: Cross-Appointed Faculty for the Th.D. Program in Homiletics (Pastoral) Knox, Trinity Colleges, Toronto School of Theology

2001 (Summer Semester): Visiting Professor of Practical Theology, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

1995 – 96: Pastor, First United Methodist Church, New Johnsonville, TN

Academic Awards

  • Fellow, Cathedral College (formerly the “College of Preachers”), National Cathedral in Washington, DC for work on “Preaching in Times of Public Crises,” November, 2005.
  • Visiting Professor of Practical Theology through the German-Canadian Commission at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Summer, 2001.
  • University Graduate Fellow at The Graduate School, Vanderbilt University for PhD work (full tuition scholarship + $12,000 US annual stipend), 1990-94.
  • Brandon Honors Scholar at The Divinity School, Vanderbilt University (full-tuition scholarship for MDiv degree), 1983-86.

Summa cum laude

  • graduate of Concordia College, July 1983.
  • “High Honor,” American Classical League’s Attic II National Greek Exam, 1983.
  • “Third Place,” koine Greek Translation, Eta Sigma Phi National Competition, 1983.
  • Federation of German-American Clubs Scholar for year’s study at the Universität Bonn, Germany (funds provided by province of Nordrhein-Westfalen), 1981-82.

Research Grants

with Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby, “Exploring Intercultural Instructional Communication for Homiletical Pedagogy: Facework Theory, Cultural Competence, and ‘Peering Behind the Curtain’,” Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, 2018-2020.

Center for Practical Theology “Faculty Research Grant” for Homiletical Theology Project, 2012.

WLU “Initiatory Grant” for research project on Gospel from the Ashes: Public Christianity for a Pluralistic World, May, 2010.

WLU “Initiatory Grant” for research projects on introductory texts in worship and preaching, April, 2009.

WLU “Book Preparation Grant” for Kairos Preaching, December, 2008.

Wabash Research Grant, “Getting Words Across: Preaching and Biblical Studies,” for research on exegetical methods and homiletics ($7,000 US), January, 2001.

Stipend for “2000 Workshop on Teaching and Learning for Theological School Faculty” ($2,700 US) at the Wabash Center, Wabash College, July, 2000-July, 2001.

WLU “Book Preparation Grant” for Preaching Luke-Acts, April, 2000.

WLU “Initiatory Grant” for research on Luke-Acts book, May, 1999.

WLU “Book Preparation Grant” for Preaching in the New Creation, April, 1999.

WLU “Initiatory Grant” for research on apocalyptic book, September, 1998


  • German: fluency in written and spoken language
  • Greek: facility in Classical and Koine for use in research as shown by undergrad minor, translation awards, and published works

Professional Society Activities

2018 – Present: President Elect of the Academy of Homiletics (AoH) for 2020

2018 -Present: Member, Societas Homiletica

2016 – Present: Member, Editorial Board, New Room Books (UMC)

2013 – Present: Editor, Theology Section, Homiletic,

2013 – Present: Founder and Director, Consultation on Homiletical Theology at the AoH Annual Meeting

2013 – Present: Member, Advisory Committee of the Westminster Homiletics Monograph Series

2010-11, 2014-15: Nominating Committee,,AoH

2008 – Present: Steering Committee, Homiletics and Biblical Studies Section, Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)

2007 – 11: Founding Editor, TST Homiletics Seminar an electronic journal at the Toronto School of Theology

2006 – 11: Founder, TST Homiletics Colloquium for Doctoral Students at TST

2006 – Present: Member, North American Academy of Liturgy

2004 – 06: Chair, Homiletics and Biblical Studies Consultation, SBL

2003 – 07: Founding Editor, Homiletix e-Forum, AoH electronic journal

2003 – 05, 2017 – Present: Executive Board, AoH

2001 – 07: Editor, AoH Web Site

1998 – 05: Book Review Editor, Consensus: A Canadian Lutheran Journal of Theology

1991 – Present: Member, SBL

1991 – : Member, AoH



Toward a Homiletical Theology of Promise (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2018).

Theologies of the Gospel in Context: The Crux of Homiletical Theology (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2017).

Homiletical Theology in Action: The Unfinished Theological Task of Preaching(Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2015).

Homiletical Theology: Preaching as Doing Theology (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2015).

Mark. Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentary Series (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2014).

Kairos Preaching: Speaking Gospel to the Situation, co-authored with Robert Kelly, (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 2009). This book is also now available in translation in Chinese (Kowloon, Hong Kong: The Chinese Christian Literature Council, Ltd., 2013).

New Proclamation: Year C, 2007, Easter through Christ the King, co-author, (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 2006).

Preaching Luke-Acts, co-authored with Dr. Günter Wasserberg, (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2001).

Preaching in the New Creation: The Promise of New Testament Apocalyptic Texts (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1999).

Books and Articles in Progress

Promising Signs: Toward a Public Theology of Word and Sacrament for a Disenchanted Age (Manuscript under contract with Eerdmans, in progress). This work is being developed from my lectures at McGill University, February 17-18, 2011.

Guest Editor, “Homiletics” special issue in Religions—An Open Access Journal(work in progress for publication in 2020/21).

“Ephobounto gar: Fear, Wisdom, and the Homiletical-Theological Task of Speaking Gospel in Crisis Situations,” in Shouting Above the Noisy Crowd: Biblical Wisdom and the Urgency of Preaching (C. Aaron and Jaime Clark-Soles, eds.; Eugene, OR: Cascade, forthcoming).

Articles in Juried, Scholarly Journals

“Sermon Feedback as Facework: Task and Identity Goals in Mentoring Homiletical Theologians,” Homiletic 43: 2 (2018), 3-12.

“Going Public with the Means of Grace: A Homiletical Theology of Promise for Word and Sacrament in a Post-secular Age,” Theology Today 75:3 (2018), 371-82.

“The Practice of Homiletical Theology in a Confessional Mode: An Interim Report on the Homiletical Theology Project,” International Journal of Homiletics 3 (2018), 30-42.

“Two Cheers for Proclamation: Toward a More Promising, Conversational Homiletic,” (Festschrift for Ronald Allen) in Encounter 78:2 (2018), 29-33.

with Hans Malmström, “Preaching as Internal Interreligious Dialogue: A Harvard Case Study,” in Homiletic 42:2 (2017), 15-33.

Articles Co-Editor with Yohan Go and Duse Lee, “Preaching and Postcolonial Theology,” in Homiletic 40:1 (2015), 3-62.

“Introduction to the Essays of the Consultation on Preaching and Postcolonial Theology,” Co-authored with Yohan Go and Duse Lee, in Homiletic 40:1 (2015), 3-7.

“Making New Spaces In Between: A Post-Reflective Essay Weaving Postcolonial Threads into North American Homiletics,” Co-authored with Yohan Go and Duse Lee, in Homiletic 40:1 (2015), 56-62.

“Preaching as the Unfinished Task of Theology: Grief, Trauma, and Early Christian Texts in Homiletical Interpretation,” Theology Today 70:4 (January 2014), 407-16.

“The Promise of Promise: Retrospect and Prospect of a Homiletical Theology,” in Homiletic 38:2 (Winter, 2013), 3-16.

“Homiletical Exegesis and Theologies of Revelation: Biblical Preaching from Text to Sermon in an Age of Methodological Pluralism,” in Homiletic XXXVI:I (Summer, 2011), 14-25.

Schola Prophetarum: Prophetic Preaching Toward a Public, Prophetic Church,” Homiletic XXXIV:I (Summer, 2009), 12-21.

Articles in Public and Church Journals

“Between Text and Sermon: Mark 10:1-52,” in Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology 2016, Vol. 70(2) 194–196.

“Preaching in a Postcolonial Age,” in Focus (Spring, 2016), 41-43.

“Restoring Civil Discourse: The Promise of Word and Sacrament and the Practice of Public Hospitality,” in Focus (Spring, 2013), 41-43.

“Speaking in the Future Tense: Barack Obama and His Message of Hope from a Christian Perspective,” in Esprit (Spring, 2009), 32-33.

with Robert Kelly, “Preaching the Wedding Sermon: Toward a Theology of Marriage for the Pulpit,” The Clergy Journal LXXXIV:5 (March, 2008), 43-44.

“Proclaiming the Gospel in Situations: Theological Commonplaces for Occasions in Ministry and Life,” TST Homiletics Seminar E-Journal 1:1 (Winter, 2007), 14-18.

Articles Editor, “Preaching the Gospel in Canada in the 21st Century,” Consensus 31:1 (Winter, 2006), 7-105.

“Preaching and Praise,” Preaching, September/October 1995, 21-22.

Book Chapters

“Prophetic Preaching in a Pastoral Mode: Communities of Solidarity and the White Mainline Church,” in Preaching Prophetic Care: Building Bridges to Justice (P. Sheppard, D. Ottoni-Wilhelm, and Ron Allen, eds.; Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2018), 129-37.

“Exegetical Perspective,” Matthew 1:1-17, 1:18-25, and 2:1-12,” for Feasting on the Gospels (Matthew, Vol. 1; Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013) 3-19.

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“Apocalyptic,” in The New Interpreter’s Handbook of Preaching (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2008), 67-69.

“Homiletical Exegesis and Theologies of Revelation: Biblical Preaching from Text to Sermon in an Age of Methodological Pluralism,” in Systematisch Praktisch: Festschrift für Reiner Preul

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“Luke 2:22-40,” in Seasons of Preaching (J. Rottman and P. Wilson, eds.; New Berlin, WI: Liturgical Publications, 1996), 53-54.

Scholarly Presentations and Conference Proceedings

“Promissory Narration: Revisiting Promise, Narrative, and Identity in the Work of Carolyn Helsel and Paul Ricoeur,” Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics 2018, Denver, CO.

“Ephobounto gar: Fear and the Unfinished Theological Task of Speaking Gospel,” 2018 Meeting of Societas Homiletica and Duke University, Durham, NC (August 7, 2018).

“The Practice of Homiletical Theology in a Confessional Mode: An Interim Report on the Homiletical Theology Project,” Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics 2017, Dallas, TX.

“Promise and the Means of Grace in a Postsecular Context: A Homiletical-Theological Contribution toward a Public Theology of Word and Sacrament,” Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics 2017, Dallas, TX.

“The Practice of Homiletical Theology in a Confessional Mode: Preaching as a Theological Act,” Christian Scholars’ Conference, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN, June 7, 2017.

“Promise as an Event of the Gospel in Context: Toward an Unfinished Homiletical Theology of Grace and Justice,”Consultation on Homiletical Theology at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics 2016, San Antonio, TX.

“Gospel as Transfiguring Promise: The Unfinished Task of Homiletical Theology in a Context of Disestablishment, Empire, and White Supremacy,” Consultation on Homiletical Theology at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics 2015, Nashville, TN.

Review of John by Karoline Lewis and Mark by David Schnasa Jacobsen in the Fortress Preaching Commentaries Series,” Homiletics and Biblical Studies Section,” Society of Biblical Literature, November 22, 2015, Atlanta, GA.

Panelist, “Preaching Apocalyptic Texts and Themes,” Homiletics and Biblical Studies Section, Society of Biblical Literature, November 24, 2014, San Diego, CA.

“Promise and Cross: Homiletical Theology, the Vocative Word Extra Nos and the Task of a Revisionist Eschatology,” Consultation on Homiletical Theology at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Homiletics 2014, San Diego, CA.

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“Preaching the Bible and the News,” panel presentation at the Hermeneutics and Bible Study work group, the Academy of Homiletics, Washington, DC, December 4, 2009.

Schola Prophetarum: Prophetic Preaching Toward a Public, Prophetic Church,” Papers of the Annual Meeting, Academy of Homiletics, 2008, 124-33.

“Introduction to Kairos Preaching,” read at the TST Homiletics Seminar colloquium meeting on December 8, 2006, at Emmanuel College, Victoria University, University of Toronto.

“A Response to Gail Ramshaw’s Treasures Old and New: Images in the Lectionary,” read at the Word in Worship Seminar, North American Academy of Liturgy Annual Meeting in Louisville, January 8, 2005.

“A Pauline Apocalyptic Topos: Rhetoric and Genre in 1 Thes 4:13-5:11,” read at the Rhetoric of the NT Section, SBL Annual Meeting in Chicago, November 20, 1994.

“Prophecy, Discernment, Word of God: An Apocalyptic Prolegomena for Post-Enlightenment Theologies of the Word,” Papers of the Annual Meeting, Academy of Homiletics, 1992, 46-56

Online Publications

2018: Lectionary Helps for Gospel Readings from Luke, January 27 and February 3, 2019 for Working Preacher web site. Forthcoming.

2017: Lectionary Helps for Gospel Readings from Matthew and Mark, November 19, November 26, December 3, and December 10, 2017 for Working Preacher web site.

2016: Lectionary Helps for Gospel Readings from Luke, August 21, August, 28, September 4, and September 11, 2016 for Working Preacher web site.

2012-: Homiletical Theology Project Web Site. The web site lists bibliographic resources on the relationship of preaching and theology, webinar sessions of the HTP colloquium, and proceedings of the Consultation on Homiletical Theology to be held at the Academy of Homiletics from 2013-16.

2007-: Departmental E-Journal: “TST Homiletics Seminar: An E-Journal for the Homiletics Doctoral Program’s Colloquium at the Toronto School of Theology.” I founded and developed this e-journal to publish the proceedings of the doctoral colloquium held by students and faculty in the homiletics program at TST. We shifted to occasional postings at the end of 2009.

-2007: Professional Society E-Journal: “Homiletix e-Forum: An Electronic Journal of the Academy of Homiletics.” As founding editor, I developed an online journal that included articles, bulletin board, book reviews, and new publications by AH members. The e-journal’s final issue was in 2007. It is no longer available online.

-2007: Professional Society Collected Papers Archive: “Paper Archive.” I began a process for turning previous years’ Annual Meeting Papers into a searchable electronic format for our members’ research purposes. This involved scanning hard copy versions of the Annual Meeting papers, using OCR software to turn it into electronic text, proofing the electronic versions against hard copy and posting them to the archive in PDF e-book format. Prior to handing over duties to a new webmaster at the end of 2007, we archived as far back as the 1992 papers. (password protected—member login required)

-2007: Professional Society Web Site: “The Academy of Homiletics.” Contents included homiletical pedagogy, Annual Meeting information, Annual Meeting Papers (PDF), member directory, open positions, AH information, link to journal, preaching links, etc.

1998-: Personal Web Site: “Resources for Preaching at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.” Contents include resources for preaching apocalyptic texts, preaching Luke-Acts, stewardship preaching, bibliographies for preaching RCL Gospel lections and prophetic sermons, brief book reviews, course syllabi, and information on the M. Th. degree at WLS.

Published Interviews

Author’s Podcast on Kairos Preaching, Academy of Homiletics Web Site, (, September 11, 2010

Audio-taped interview on Preaching in the New Creation, Preaching Luke-Acts, and developing work on preaching and Biblical studies with Prof. Ronald Allen for the Walter Scott Society, December 7, 2002.

“The end of the world; Stories of the apocalypse offer ‘invitation to mystery’” (Newspaper interview on apocalypticism) with reporter Rose Simone for the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, December 31, 1999.

Reviews of Books

Who Lynched Willie Earle? Preaching to Confront Racism in Theology Today, forthcoming.

Exodus Preaching: Crafting Sermons about Justice and Hope in Homiletic 43:2 (2018), 44-45.

Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology in Homiletic 43:1 (2018), 46-7.

Lanterns at Dusk: Preaching after Modernity in Homiletic, 42:2 (2017), 48.

Of Seeds and the People of God: Preaching as Parable, Crucifixion, and Testimony in Homiletic, 42:1, (2017), 57-58.

Hoping Against Hope: Confessions of a Postmodern Pilgrim in Homiletic 41:1 (2016), 91-92.

Preaching and the Theological Imagination in Homiletic 41:1 (2016), 93.

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Karl Barth’s Emergency Homiletic, 1932-1933: A Summons to Prophetic Witness at the Dawn of the Third Reich in Scottish Journal of Theology (forthcoming).

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Published Sermons

“Pieced Together in the Wilderness – Pentecost 26,” Consensus 39:2 (2018), Article 9. Available at:

“Freedom from Death’s Thrall (All Saints Day Sermon on John 11:32-44),” Consensus 32:1 (2007), 137-40.

“The Coming of the Pierced One (Rev 1:4b-8),” Biblical Preaching Journal 13:4 (2000), 22-23.

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“Breathless (Ezek 37:1-14),” Biblical Preaching Journal 6:1 (1993), 40-42.

Published Lectionary Resources

“Commentary and Homiletical Helps,” Gathered in My Name: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2006 (Canadian Council of Churches), 22-23.

“Proper 18,” Word and Witness 05:5 (September 4, 2005), 21-25.

“Preaching the Lesson,” Lectionary Homiletics (June 2000), 5-6, 13-14, 20-21, 29-30.

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Worship Resources

with Cindy Schnasa Jacobsen, “The Fullness of the Word (January 1-4, 1998),” The Upper Room Disciplines 1998 (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 1997) 13-16.

with Cindy Schnasa Jacobsen, “The Fullness of the Word (December 29-31, 1997),” The Upper Room Disciplines 1997 (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 1996) 376-78.

“Prayer for the Season after the Epiphany,” United Methodist Book of Worship (Nashville: UMPH, 1992) 311.

“For Those Who Are Unemployed,” United Methodist Book of Worship (Nashville: UMPH, 1992) 541.

Visiting and Special Lectures

“The Promise of New Testament Apocalyptic,” United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH, August 12-14, 2014.

“Promising Signs: Toward a Public Theology of Word and Sacrament in a Time of Disenchantment,” at Presbyterian College, McGill University, February 17-18, 2011.

“Hospitality in Word and Sacrament,” given at the series Lenten Lunch Discussions at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, March 1, 2010.

“Liturgy and Meaning Making,” given at the series Lenten Lunch Discussions: In the Beauty of Holiness at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, March 16, 2009.

“Preaching Gospel in the Face of Injustice,” given at the meeting of the Board of Governors of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, May 11, 2007.

“Preaching in Times of Public Crises,” Cathedral College (formerly the College of Preachers), National Cathedral, Washington, DC, November 22, 2005.

“Preaching Luke-Acts: Theology and Narrative in Proclamation,” given at Emmanuel Bible College, Kitchener, Ontario, February 5, 2002.

“Predigen unter postmodernen Vorzeichen” given for the Proseminar: Homiletic I, Protestant Theological Faculty, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, July 25, 2001.

“Basic Course in Preaching,” given for pastoral interns in Lima, Peru, April 1999.



“Preaching Hope in Crisis,” at Young Preachers Festival, Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS, July 16-17, 2015.

“Gospel from the Ashes: Taking the Good News Public,” given with Prof. Robert Kelly at Old Stone Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, OH, April 9, 2011.

“Prophetic Preaching” at WLS’ Luther Hostel, Waterloo, ON, June 9-12, 2008.

“Lay Preaching” for the Upstate New York Synod of the ELCA at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, NY, August 6-10, 2007.

“Das Lukasevangelium – als theologischer Roman gelesen: Exegetische und theologische Entdeckungen im 3. Evangelium mit einer neuen Methode” for the Theologisches Studienseminar der VELKD in Pullach, Germany, June 4-8, 2007.

“Reading Scripture in Church,” at WLS Youth Day, Waterloo, ON, February 3, 2007.

“Lay Preaching” at WLS’ Luther Hostel, Waterloo, ON, June 13-17, 2005.

“The Issue of Language in Same Sex Blessings” (co-taught with Prof. Harold Remus) at Caring Conversations VI, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Kitchener, ON, April 16, 2005.

“Training Youth as Scripture Readers in Church” at WLS Youth Day, Waterloo, ON, February 5, 2005.

“Preaching Freedom” at WLS Youth Day, Waterloo, ON, February 7, 2004.

“Preaching Stewardship” at inter-denominational event near Orangeville, ON, April 21, 2003.

“Preaching the Hard Texts” for Caring Conversations II, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Waterloo, Ontario, February 22, 2003.

“Lay Preaching,” at Eganville, Ontario, November 9, 2002.

“Lay Preaching” for the Atlantic conference of the Eastern Synod, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, October 19, 2002.

“New Developments in Preaching” for pastors in the Atlantic Conference, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, October 18, 2002.

“Stewardship” with Cindy Schnasa Jacobsen for Lutheran Laity Movement at Eden Mills, ON, May 11, 2002.

“Preaching with the Lectionary in Advent,” with Drs. Sarah Dille and Tim Hegedus, at the Eastern Synod Bishop’s Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 16, 2001.

“So That You May Know with Assurance: Lucan Narrative Theology for Preaching” with Dr. Günter Wasserberg, WLS, Waterloo, Ontario, April 23, 1998.

“Justify My Love: Preaching and Theologies of the Gospel,” with Dr. Bob Kelly given at WLS Youth Day,” Waterloo, Ontario, February 1, 1998.

“Preaching Apocalyptic Texts,” given at the Eastern Synod Bishop’s Retreat, Carmelite Retreat Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 21, 1997.

“Preaching Apocalyptic Texts,” given at the Georgian Bay Pastors’ Conference, Inverhuron, Ontario, May 20, 1997.

“Proclamation and Response,” given at The National Convocation of the Fellowship of UMs in Worship, Music, and Other Arts (Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI), July 19-24, 1993.



Regularly Scheduled Courses
  • Introduction to Preaching: 2011, 2013-2017
  • Identity, Preaching, and Leadership in Postcolonial Contexts: 2017
  • Practices of Faith: 2013
  • Contextual Ministry I (Worship and Preaching): 2007-2009
  • Contextual Ministry I (Homiletics): 1996-2005
  • Sermon Methodology: 1997-2005, 2007-2010
  • Congregational Preaching/Situational Preaching: 1996-2004, 2006-2011
  • Narrative Sermons: 1997, 1999, 2001-2003, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016
  • Biblical Preaching: Apocalyptic Texts: 1997-1999, 2003, 2011, 2015, 2017 [2007, 2009, 2011 TST]
  • Apocalypse Now: 2011
  • Proseminar in Practical Theology [Doctoral course]: 2014
  • Homiletical Options [Doctoral course]: 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, [2007, 2009 TST], 2012, 2014, 2017
  • Preaching on Ethical Issues (A.D.): 1998, 2000, 2002
  • Homiletical Analysis [Doctoral course]: 2000, [2004]
  • Prophetic Preaching: 2002, 2004, [2008, 2010 TST], 2013
  • Gospel from the Ashes: Missional Preaching…: 2010
  • Theologies of Preaching [Doctoral course]: [2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 TST], 2013
  • Situational Preaching and Transformation [DMin]: 2016
  • Doctoral Colloquium [BU Doctoral course]: 2015-2016
Occasional Course Obligations
  • Homiletical Literature (A.D.): as needed
  • Practicum (A.D.): as needed
  • Einführung in die Nord-Amerikanische Homiletik: 2001-Universität Kiel
  • Das lukanische Doppelwerk: vom narrativen Text zur Predigt: 2001-Universität Kiel
  • Arbeiten in der praktischen Theologie: 2001-Universität Kiel
  • Finished NT Exegesis Course for Carol Schlueter (1 Thes): 1997

Graduate Supervision

Supervisory Work at Boston University School of Theology

Dissertation Advisor, PhD in Practical Theology

Elizabeth Siwo-Okundi, “Listening to and Learning from the ‘Small Voice’ of African Preachers: A Practical Theological Examination of African Preaching in Kenya” (successfully defended August 30, 2018).

Song Bok Jon, “A Wesleyan Theology ofr4 Law and Gospel for Narrative Preaching”(successfully defended August 30, 2018).

Seungyoun Jeong, “Psalmic-Theological Homiletics for the Korean Immigrant Congregation” (in progress).

Yohan Go, “Envisioning A Gospel-Driven Korean Methodist Ecclesiology: A Constructive Homiletical Theological Proposal” (in progress).

Duse Lee, “A Conversational Homiletic of Event as Intersubjective Embodiment: Toward a Deleuzean Mode of Preaching in the Postmodern Context” (in progress).

Tim Jones, “Revelation Through Conversation: Call and Response as a Practice of Congregational Empowerment” (in progress).

Qualifying Exam Concentration Advisor, PhD in Practical Theology

Elizabeth Siwo-Okundi, Seungyoun Jeong, Jackie Blue, Yohan Go, Tim Jones, Duse Lee, Sang-il Kim.

Supervisory Work at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

MTh (thesis)

Klaus Sonnenberg, “Preaching as Spirit Directed Witness,” 2008.

Steele Lazerte, “Dying and Behold We Live,” 2007.

J. Daniel Gibson, “A Homiletical Hermeneutic for the Re-Writing of Hymn Texts,” 2000.

Supervisory Work at Toronto School of Theology

ThD (thesis: supervisor)

Sarah Travis, “Encountering Others in the Perichoretic Space: A Social Trinitarian Postcolonial Homiletic for the Canadian Context,” March, 2012. (co-supervisor)

Joon Ki Kim, “Preaching with Eschatological Hope through the Cross in and for the Suffering World,” August, 2011.

Jinbong Choi, “The Word Became Flesh and Lived among Us, and We Have Seen His Glory: A Theological Homiletic for the Korean Church’s Appropriation of the Gospel with Special Reference to Hilkert’s Proposal Rooted in Paul Ricoeur’s ‘Hermeneutic of Belief,’” April, 2008.

ThD (thesis: internal examiner or committee member)

Allan Rudy-Froese, “God’s Grace and Christian Ethics in the Preached Sermon: Bringing Lutheran Proclamation of God’s Grace together with Anabaptist Mennonite Ethical Teaching,” September, 2012.

Casey Barton, “Preaching for Participation in God’s Gospel Drama Today: Anachronism as Dynamic Temporal Approach,” June, 2010.

Robert Brewer, “Faith Comes Through Hearing: A Homiletical Faith Development Model to Mentor Faith within the Hearer,” April, 2010.

Hank Langknecht, “Giving Scripture Its Voice: The Tensive Impertinence of the Literal Sense of the Pericope, Metaphorical Meaning-Making, and Preaching the Word of God,” April, 2008.

Ed Grimenstein, “The Presence of Christ in Preaching: A Lutheran Proposal for Christ’s Presence as Redemptive and Personal Law and Gospel,” March 2007.

Emily Rodgers, “Solid Food: The Integration of the Theology of Sanctification and Homiletics to Nurture Congregational Preaching,” March 2007.

ThD (thesis: external examiner)

Sarah Jane Smith, “Hearing Sermons: Reader-Response Theory as a Basis for a Listener-Response Homiletic,” May-June 2002.

Comprehensive Examination or Homiletics Comprehensive Supervisor

Jinbong Choi, Casey Barton, Joon Ki Kim, Sarah Travis, Sarah Freeman.

Comprehensive Examination Committee Member

Ed Grimenstein, Robert Brewer, Jinbong Choi, Casey Barton, Allan Rudy-Froese, and Joni Sancken.

Church Commitments

Service to Church
  • Visiting preacher in UMC, ELCA and PCUSA churches and chapels in the US, 2011-
  • Visiting preacher at English and German-speaking ELCIC as well as Anglican and UCC churches and chapels in Canada, 1996-2011
  • Visiting preacher at UMC, PCUSA, Disciples and ELCA churches, 1990-95
  • President, Pierre/Ft. Pierre (South Dakota) Ministerial Association, 1990
  • Member, Conference Board of Church and Society (SDAC), 1989-90
  • Western District Youth Coordinator (SDAC), 1988-90
  • Member, Conference Council on Youth Ministries (SDAC), 1988-90
  • Coordinator, Annual Conference Prayer Services (SDAC), 1988-89
  • Member, Bread for the World
Ecclesial Relationships
  • Attend Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Woburn, MA
  • “appointed beyond the local church” to Boston University School of Theology, August 2011-
  • ordained Elder at South Dakota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in June 1988


Faculty Types
Faculty and Methodist Faculty