David Schnasa Jacobsen

Professor of the Practice of Homiletics and the Director of the Homiletical Theology Project
(617) 353-7322
B.A. Concordia College (Moorhead, MN)
M.Div. The Divinity School, Vanderbilt University
M.A. The Graduate School, Vanderbilt University
Ph.D. The Graduate School, Vanderbilt University

Prof. David Schnasa Jacobsen is committed to helping students and pastors claim their role as “theologians of the Word” in preaching. In his courses, he encourages masters and doctoral students to wrestle with their own theology of the gospel. Along the way, they learn as homiletical theologians to use tools like rhetoric, literary criticism, and cultural-anthropological theories to become better public, theological leaders in faith communities, the academy, and in the wider pluralistic world that God so loves.

Prof. Jacobsen’s own research uses rhetorical, literary-critical, and social-scientific tools for the interpretation of Biblical texts for the theological task of contemporary proclamation. He did this in his first book, Preaching in the New Creation (WJKP, 1999), which explored the “promise” of preaching New Testament apocalyptic texts like Mark 13 and Revelation in the contemporary context. In his second book, Preaching Luke-Acts (Abingdon, 2001) Jacobsen and German New Testament scholar Günter Wasserberg considered the two-volume work of Luke-Acts as a first-century narrative-theological writing that can help us do our own theological work of post-Holocaust Biblical interpretation today. Jacobsen’s third book was part of a lectionary help for preachers published by Augsburg Fortress Press, New Proclamation Year C (2007). His next book helped to carry forward the theological turn in his own research by relating a theology of the gospel to context and situation for those who must preach when life events (weddings and funerals) and emerging issues (public crises or social injustice) present themselves. The book, co-authored with systematic theologian Robert Kelly, is called Kairos Preaching: Speaking Gospel to the Situation and was published by Fortress Press in 2009. His book, Mark, in the Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentary Series, not only offers historical and literary insight into Mark’s mysterious, apocalyptic gospel, but also relates that text to its shape and use in the Revised Common Lectionary and explores the Gospel’s potential homiletical-theological implications for today’s mainline church in light of the strange ending of Mark 16:8. From 2013-2017, Prof. Jacobsen led the Consultation on Homiletical Theology at the Academy of Homiletics. The consultation’s work has now been published in a series of four edited volumes through Cascade Books, beginning with Homiletical Theology: Preaching as Doing Theology. Prof. Jacobsen is Director of the Homiletical Theology Project, which undergirds his research into a more theologically-oriented view of preaching’s subject, task, and method. He works with homiletics doctoral students as part of the School of Theology’s PhD in Practical Theology.

Going forward, Prof. Jacobsen is finishing work on a book for Eerdmans called Promising Signs: Toward a Public Theology of Word and Sacrament for a Disenchanted Age. In future, he hopes to develop a homiletical theology of promise that will ground both a basic preaching text and future research on preaching as a theo-rhetorical act. Prof. Jacobsen’s ongoing areas of research include the practice of preaching, homiletic theory, theologies of preaching, the relation of Word and Sacrament, hermeneutics, Biblical criticism, and the connection of all these to theology itself.

Prof. Jacobsen is a clergy member of the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church and has served churches in Pierre, South Dakota and New Johnsonville, Tennessee. He is married to Cindy Schnasa Jacobsen, pastor of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Woburn, MA. He was recently elected to serve as President of the Academy of Homiletics for 2020. He is also an active member of the Society of Biblical Literature’s Homiletics and Biblical Studies Section and the North American Academy of Liturgy.

TC-715 Introduction to Preaching

Sermon Methodology

Congregational Preaching (Situational Sermons)

TC-849 Narrative Sermons

Preaching Apocalyptic Texts

TC816 Homiletical Options (Seminar on Homiletic Theory)

Preaching on Ethical Issues (Doctoral Seminar)

Homiletical Analysis (Doctoral Seminar)

TC-869 Prophetic Preaching, Pastoral Ministry, and Social Change

Gospel from the Ashes: Missional Preaching

Theologies of Preaching (Doctoral Seminar)


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