Michael D. Stein, MD

Professor, Health Law, Policy & Management
Michael Stein
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Recognized among the top one percent of NIH grant recipients over the past two decades, Dr. Stein has worked at the intersection of behavioral medicine and primary care. His outcomes research has moved between substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS, sleep and pain, mental health disorders, and the determinants of risk-taking. He has published more than 375 scientific journal articles. Dr. Stein graduated from Harvard College and received his medical degree from Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons. After medical residency at New England Medical Center, he completed a National Research Service Award Fellowship at Brown University. He was director of HIV Services at Rhode Island Hospital for two decades. He worked for years as a consultant to tech start-ups. He is also the award-winning author of six novels and three books of non-fiction, and his writings have been noted in the Best American essay series, and appeared in many magazines and newspapers.

Other Positions

  • Chair, Health Law, Policy & Management, Boston University School of Public Health


  • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, MD
  • Harvard College, BA


  • Published on 6/15/2020

    Stein MD, Hand SJ, Archer M, Wroe S, Wilson LAB. Quantitatively assessing mekosuchine crocodile locomotion by geometric morphometric and finite element analysis of the forelimb. PeerJ. 2020; 8:e9349. PMID: 32587803.

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  • Published on 6/10/2020

    Kenney SR, Anderson BJ, Bailey GL, Herman DS, Conti MT, Stein MD. Examining Overdose and Homelessness as Predictors of Willingness to Use Supervised Injection Facilities by Services Provided Among Persons Who Inject Drugs. Am J Addict. 2020 Jun 10. PMID: 32519449.

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  • Published on 6/1/2020

    Hayaki J, Anderson BJ, Herman DS, Moitra E, Pinkston MM, Kim HN, Stein MD. Motivation to Quit Drinking in Individuals Coinfected with HIV and Hepatitis C. AIDS Behav. 2020 Jun; 24(6):1709-1716. PMID: 31642998.

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  • Published on 5/21/2020

    Meshesha LZ, Aston ER, Teeters JB, Blevins CE, Battle CL, Marsh E, Feltus S, Stein MD, Abrantes AM. Evaluating alcohol demand, craving, and depressive symptoms among women in alcohol treatment. Addict Behav. 2020 Oct; 109:106475. PMID: 32480282.

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  • Published on 5/1/2020

    Kenney SR, Phillips KT, Herman DS, Keosaian J, Anderson BJ, Stein MD. Perceived Behavioral Control and Barriers to Cleaning Skin Before Injecting Drugs. J Addict Med. 2020 May/Jun; 14(3):231-235. PMID: 31403521.

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  • Published on 4/15/2020

    Johnson JE, Jones R, Miller T, Miller I, Stanley B, Brown G, Arias SA, Cerbo L, Rexroth J, Fitting H, Russell D, Kubiak S, Stein M, Matkovic C, Yen S, Gaudiano B, Weinstock LM. Study Protocol: A randomized controlled trial of suicide risk reduction in the year following jail release (the SPIRIT Trial). Contemp Clin Trials. 2020 Jul; 94:106003. PMID: 32304829.

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  • Published on 3/5/2020

    Christopher PP, Anderson B, Stein MD. Comparing views on civil commitment for drug misuse and for mental illness among persons with opioid use disorder. J Subst Abuse Treat. 2020 Jun; 113:107998. PMID: 32359671.

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  • Published on 3/1/2020

    Stein MD, Kurth ME, Anderson BJ, Blevins CE. A Pilot Crossover Trial of Sleep Medications for Sleep-disturbed Methadone Maintenance Patients. J Addict Med. 2020 Mar/Apr; 14(2):126-131. PMID: 30870203.

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  • Published on 2/25/2020

    Moitra E, Anderson BJ, Herman DS, Hayaki J, Pinkston MM, Kim HN, Stein MD. Examination of using alcohol to cope, depressive symptoms, and perceived social support in persons with HIV and Hepatitis C. AIDS Care. 2020 Feb 25; 1-8. PMID: 32098484.

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  • Published on 2/10/2020

    Raifman J, Charlton BM, Arrington-Sanders R, Chan PA, Rusley J, Mayer KH, Stein MD, Austin SB, McConnell M. Sexual Orientation and Suicide Attempt Disparities Among US Adolescents: 2009-2017. Pediatrics. 2020 03; 145(3). PMID: 32041815.

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