Carol Dolan

Carol A Dolan, PhD

Clinical Professor, Community Health Sciences - Boston University School of Public Health


Carol A. Dolan, Ph.D. is Clinical Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences where she focuses on the social-contextual determinants of health and mental health. She directs the BUSPH Certificate in Mental Health and Substance Use, and was instrumental in its development and continued growth.
Dr. Dolan teaches several mental health related courses (Stress as a Public Health Problem (SB730), Mental Health and Public Health: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Perspective (SB780), Trauma, Trauma-informed Care, Recovery and Resilience (SB832)) and the online version of one of the MPH core courses: Individual, Community and Population Health. Dr. Dolan has earned several teaching awards, including the 2023 Teaching Innovation Award. Other current contributions include mentoring and advising students, serving as Faculty Advisor to the mental health focused student organization, involvement in SPH’s Center for Trauma and Mental Health, and service to school and community.
A vital aspect of Dr. Dolan’s work as a clinical faculty member is mentoring MPH students who have an interest in public health and mental health research and academics. Past projects conducted with students include an independent research study evaluating the impact on mindfulness meditation on graduate students' wellness, a qualitative analysis of using online journaling to enhance integration of course materials, and the development of student team projects for adapting programs, interventions and policies to support healing from trauma and building resilience to public health settings.
Her research, publications and presentations have focused on stress and health in various contexts, including the effects of psychosocial factors and stress on cardiovascular health, and stress and coping in minority women. Dr. Dolan conducted program evaluation and data management in public health based projects on substance abuse, injury prevention and sexual assault for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. As research scientist with Walter Reed Medical Research Unit (Heidelberg, Germany), she conducted quantitative and qualitative research examining the physical and psychological effects of stress among deployed military members. Her work also includes counseling experience with military members and families, with a focus on how deployments and trauma affect family members.
Prior to joining the Department of Community Health Sciences, Dr. Dolan taught undergraduate, graduate and online courses in psychology and research methods to military members and their families for the University of Maryland’s overseas division. In 2007, she was honored with the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award University of Maryland University College, which recognizes the highest teaching accomplishments of outstanding faculty members in the United States, Europe and Asia.


  • University of North Carolina, PhD Field of Study: Psychology
  • Bowie State University, MA Field of Study: Psychology
  • University of North Carolina, MA Field of Study: Psychology
  • Saint Michael's College, BA Field of Study: Psychology


Classes Taught

  • SPHPH720
  • SPHPH845
  • SPHSB730
  • SPHSB780
  • SPHSB832
  • SPHSB921


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