Health and Wellness

To promote BU’s culture of wellness, the school provides opportunities to support staff in taking care of one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This includes providing a wellness coordinator dedicated to BUSPH staff, faculty, and students.

BUSPH wellness offerings change weekly and range from yoga classes, meditations, and progressive muscle relaxation workshops to essential oil workshops and intuitive eating – open to all. The wellness coordinator holds regular office hours to discuss self-care strategies and is available as a resource for finding the support necessary.

The University provides employees of Boston University with free and confidential access to the Faculty Staff Assistance Office (FSAO). The FSAO offers employees and their families counseling, resources, and referrals for a variety of work-related and personal issues.

Through the University, all staff and faculty receive emails from about current health and wellness offerings. Staff may register online, learn more about each workshop, and explore additional resources by visiting the Employee Wellness homepage.

Workshops and events include: