Commonly Used Guides

To understand how job titles and pay are established in the Student Employment system, refer to our Job Classification Guide. This provides a general overview of payment method, grade level, and job title code.

Departments hiring international students should pass on our Employment Guide for International Students to these student employees. Our SSN Guide for Employed International Students should assist departments in ensuring they have completed all the requirements needed for the student.

If you are hiring a graduated or withdrawn student as a staff or faculty member and they worked as a student employee, please request that an SE Level Termination be done for their student employee file.

    To complete the Form I-9 Section 2 for a student employee, refer to our University Form I-9 Procedure. For a federal understanding of the Form I-9 itself, A Guide to the Form I-9 is available on the site.

    To help departments budget for hourly paid student employees, please refer to the following Earnings Charts to determine a student’s total pay over time. Check the established Fiscal Year semester dates when determining the length of time a student is employed.

    To help budget for hourly paid Work-Study student employees and their award amounts, please copy or download this FWS Award Tracker. Please read the instructions sheet before using Academic Year and Summer sheets. This can be used by both students and departments.