The Student Employment Office at Boston University serves to assist any student at the University interesting in obtaining work. Students must meet our eligibility criteria to be eligible to work and access job listings.

Students interested in finding a job may use our Student Job Service, an advertising platform where on-campus supervisors and off-campus employers may post their open positions in search of Boston University student employees. We recommend that you check the personal websites of any departments of interest as well.

Students with Federal Work-Study awards in their financial aid packages should read more about the Federal Work-Study program.

International students interested in working on-campus during their program should consult our Employment Guide for International Students for information on finding and starting employment, taxes, and restrictions.

We’ve provided various tips on the job application process concerning initial interactions, resumes, and interviews in our Job Hunting Tips!

Prior to starting work in an on-campus position, there is Required Paperwork that the student must complete.

After starting a position, students are expected to uphold certain responsibilities and know their rights as workers. Find more information about On The Job.

One perk of working a position is the income! Learn more about Getting Paid.

Looking for official lettering confirming your status as a student employee? Whether you are a current or graduated student, submit an Information Request to our office.

Students leaving the university should read through our Pre- and Post-Graduation checklists to wrap up their employment at Boston University. Congratulations!