Supervising Students

Supervisors of student workers are expected to:

  • Orient the student in detail to his or her role in the department.
  • Explain the standards of behavior expected of employees.
  • Provide the training necessary to perform tasks.
  • Ensure that students are performing the tasks defined in their job descriptions.
  • Ensure adequate supervision of student work.
  • Keep lines of communication open, clear, and constructive.
  • Establish student work schedules.
    • Ensure that students do not work during scheduled class times.
    • Ensure that students take a half-hour (minimum) unpaid break if working six or more continuous hours.
    • Find more information regarding student breaks and unpaid time.
  • Treat students in accordance with their rights, which are the same as those of all employees as defined by applicable state, federal, and University regulations.
  • Provide a work space that is free from hazards.
  • Verify the accuracy of student time entry.
  • Set a good example.
  • Submit student job evaluation(s) at the end of the semester or program period.

and if they oversee Work-Study students,

Additional tips for supervisors are available for more in-depth preparation.

Various student employee job responsibilities are outlined to clarify what supervisors should expect from their student employees.

The following are procedures on common inquiries and issues that may arise during student employment. We ask that all supervisors familiarize themselves with these guides.