Required Paperwork

If this is your first time working at Boston University:

  • Form I-9 (Required): A student must complete the electronic Form I-9 Section 1 on the StudentLink under the Work tab prior to or on first day of their employment at Boston University. The student cannot commence working until the I-9 has been completed.
    • Domestic Students: IMPORTANT UPDATE
      You should complete section 1 of the I-9 on-line through the Student Link.  The Department of Homeland Security is allowing some latitude on completing section 2.  You should either set up a quick video chat with your supervisor to show your identification or you can submit either a scanned copy or a photo of your identification.  Your supervisor would then complete section 2 of the I-9 as usual.  Once normal operations resume you will be asked to show original documentation in person.  Additionally, any of your documentation that has expired during the month of March or April 2020 will be accepted and you will need to show valid identification when normal operations resume.
        • Present original* documents from the List of Acceptable documents accessible from the Form I-9 portal. Some of the most common options are:
          • Option 1: US Passport
          • Option 2: BU ID and Social Security Card
          • Option 3: BU ID and Birth Certificate

      * Note:  Federal Regulations prohibit the use of any reproductions of the original documents.

    • International Students: The International Student and Scholars Office (ISSO) will complete Section 2.

  • Form W-4 (Recommended): This tax form mandates how much in taxes Main Payroll should be withholding from each paycheck. Although not required, each student has different financial circumstances that can be reflected in the W-4.
    • Domestic Students: W-4 information can be updated after you collect your first paycheck. Once you’ve been paid at least one time, you can input your tax information through the StudentLink under the Work tab, in “Update Tax Information”.
    • International Students: Tax Treaty documentation and questions about taxes can be found at this link. Bring your completed Form W-4 to your hiring supervisor or to the Student Employment Office.
    • Further information regarding taxes is available on our website through this link regarding taxes.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization (Recommended): This authorizes BU to deposit your paycheck directly into your bank account (checking or savings). If you already have direct deposit from working at BU previously, you do not need to resubmit. If you have never worked for BU before, you will need to wait until after you receive your first paper paycheck to set up this service.
    • You can find instructions for setting up direct deposit at this link.