JobX Student Job Board

We aim to update this page using the feedback provided and give users a single location to look up new guides and FAQs post-launch. Eventually, this page will be decommissioned, and Student Employment will redistribute the information collected here to its appropriate location across our site. User feedback and questions should be submitted through the form available at the bottom of the page.
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JobX Student Job Board

About the New Job Board

Student Employment has partnered with JobX. We’ve worked diligently with JobX, Payroll, Human Resources, and other BU departments to build a robust platform to improve the user experience for students and staff as they pursue employment opportunities while attending Boston University.
The new JobX Student Job Board is live!!!
New Features for Supervisors and Payroll Coordinators
  • Single platform to post Work-Study and Non Work-Study jobs and hire students
  • Initiate Communication with applicants from the platform
  • Utilize integrated job applications linked to the jobs
  • View Federal Work-Study Award and Student Course Schedules
  • Assign multiple cost distributions in the hiring process
  • Ensure adherence to the University Work Hour Policy by viewing other jobs students are working
  • Integrated Form I-9 and Employment Forms

Student Employment aims to share as much information about the new student job board as possible.

Informational Material

Student Employment Workflow and Roles

Supervisor and Payroll Coordinator –  JobX Full Guide PowerPoint

Where old functions live nowPDF quick reference

Setting up a Job – VideoPDF guide

Reviewing Applications and HiringPDF guide

Completing the Form I-9PDF guide

Approving Hires (Payroll Coordinators Only) –  PDF guide


For Non-Exempts, by Employees:

For Non-Exempts, by Managers:

For Non-Exempts, by Timekeepers:

Adjusting Cost DistributionPDF guide

Terminating Student EmployeesPDF guide

Transitioning Student Employee from Student Employment to Casual or StaffNEW– PENDING

Job Type/Job Category/Job Title Look up –  Job Classification Page

HCM Security Roles

Steps for Requesting HCM Security role access:

  • Departments will determine who needs access to student records and make a request to their DSA. The list of DSAs can be found here: https://
  • Make request to DSA with the following information:
    • Name
    • UID
    • Position #
    • Required Role (see list below)
    • Org unit # that needs to be accessed
  • DSA Request goes through approval process by Dept lvl 1/2 approvers (if applicable) and also by central SEO through the worklist
Security Role Name Function
E.HR.STUDENT_TIMEKEEPER_M Timekeeper role, will give timekeeper functionality for T-codes and applications to student records
E.HR.UNITDPT_STU_SUPERVISOR_M Student supervisor role, will give supervisor functionality for T-codes and applications student records


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