Job Scam Alerts

If you come across a job listing that you have questions or concerns about, please do not hesitate to contact us at We can remove jobs immediately and block the scammer from posting with us in the future.

Stay alert and up-to-date! For a list of recently active scams, please visit the BUPD Police Advisories page.

Watch this informative video on job scams posted by the Federal Trade Commission.

Phishing attacks can reach you at your BU email. A common report we have been seeing is an attack in which messages seem to come from your actual email address. While these are nothing to worry about, this can be worrisome. To learn more about email header spoofing, you can read IS&T’s online documentation and change your account password to feel safer.

Be extremely cautious when applying for off-campus employment and remember that you should NEVER PAY for any type of employment opportunities.

A scammer will often:

Claim to be out of the country, or to be in the middle of an emergency situation

Send you a check before you have completed or started the work

Ask you to cash a check for them and send them back part of the money, or forward part of the money to someone else

Ask you to purchase gift cards and send them the card information

Ask you to purchase and mail items

Ask you to complete a wire transfer of funds

Ask for your credit card, banking information or Social Security Number

If any employer makes any of the above requests, please discontinue all correspondence with that employer and contact our office immediately at

Please remember that the Student Employment Office does NOT perform background checks on listing employers or companies, nor does it endorse or sanction any employer or company. Job scams do exist, so please always use good judgment when accepting off-campus positions listed under the Part-Time Listings or Quick Job Service.

List of Scams Reported to Student Employment