Graduate Certificate in Crime Analysis

Available on campus and online, the Graduate Certificate in Crime Analysis at Boston University’s Metropolitan College provides students with a set of courses that develops their ability to use and analyze a variety of data sources to inform the investigations, strategies, and policy decisions of criminal justice organizations. This set of skills is crucial to a growing field within law enforcement and related domains in criminal justice. Data-driven and intelligence-led approaches to crime have become the standard among contemporary criminal justice organizations. The certificate prepares students to fill in-house crime analyst roles or similar positions, while strengthening the skills of students working in investigations, management, and operations to utilize analysis more effectively.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Crime Analysis will be able to:

  • Understand the wide variety of data sources available for crime and intelligence analysis, including the methods of data collection, uses, strengths, and limitations.
  • Prepare different sources of data for analysis (e.g. data reorganization, matching) for use in analysis processes.
  • Conduct analysis using a variety of different techniques, including mapping and spatial analysis and other advanced techniques.
  • Incorporate analyses into effective written and oral reports that are useful to investigation, strategy, and policy decisions within law enforcement organizations.
  • Comprehend the ethical and legal rules and values that govern crime analysis within law enforcement organizations operating in a democratic society.
  • Inform effective data-driven or intelligence-led investigations, strategies, and policies based on awareness of contemporary law enforcement and security approaches.

Graduate Certificate in Crime Analysis Program Options

Available on campus and in the following format:

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