Course Selection Forms

Course Selection Form, Madrid Spanish and European Studies and/or Internship Program (Spring)

For both Madrid Spanish & European Students and Internship Students.
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    SP (taught in Spanish) - EN (taught in English) Internship students: choose "Internship" as one elective

NOTE: Elective course offerings vary and may not be offered every semester. Courses are subject to minimum enrollment and will not be held if this number is not met. Course selection is on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to designated groups (SCI, ENG, etc.). Classes are also subject to maximum occupancy. Once capacity is reached, students may be added to a waitlist.

Students should be aware that course selection varies from semester to semester, depending on the needs of the group as a whole as well as professor’s availability. Classes are subject to a minimum enrollment that must be met in order to be held. Classes are also subject to a max occupancy number and should this number be reached, no additional students will be admitted.  BU Madrid may open wait lists for these classes. Registration operates on a first-come, first-served basis, but there are certain groups with priority enrollment (see below).

Priority Enrollment: certain academic groups may have limited options for their courses, therefore they have priority enrollment in certain classes. Students in Spanish levels LS 111-LS 212 can only choose from electives in English. Should the max enrollment be reached, students in the higher levels of Spanish (300+) will be asked to switch to an elective taught in Spanish. They may be added to a wait list. The same applies to certain groups who have limited schedules (ENG, SCI programs): these students will have priority enrollment in those classes held during the afternoon.

Students in higher levels of Spanish are strongly encouraged to take most, if not all, of their electives in Spanish. They will be permitted to enroll in the English-language electives on a space-permitting basis.