Staff Advisory Council

The BU Staff Advisory Council (BU-SAC) was created on April 28, 2023, following a recommendation from the president’s Task Force on Workplace Culture (TFWC), established in October 2021. The BU-SAC’s purpose is to identify and assess the activities, events, and programs that inform the culture of Boston University.

Among its other projects undertaken to evaluate practices and staff perception of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at the University, the TFWC issued its annual report in 2022. The report recommended establishing a Staff Advisory Council (SAC) as part of the University’s governance, devising ways to improve leadership and staff professional learning programs, and creating strategies for identifying and aligning DEI activities across the BU community. A key recommendation in the report was to assess individual contributors’ and managers’ perceptions of flexible work.

As a result, the Flexible Work Survey launched in 2022 and assessed perceptions and potential improvements related to existing remote work options. The survey also fielded questions to gauge opinions about additional flexible work options. The TFWC’s 2022 Annual Report is available for further review.

After careful consideration, President Brown approved the TFWC’s annual report recommendations, including flexible work scheduling options, professional learning programs, and ways to further DEI work across BU’s community. As of May 31, 2023, flexible work guidelines are available for staff reference.

Moving forward, the BU-SAC will continue the critical work begun by the TFWC. The BU-SAC will also foster direct, regular communication between staff and University leadership to address issues that impact workplace culture and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Thanks to all BU-SAC members for their time, enthusiasm, and dedication to creating an inclusive and respectful work culture here at Boston University. The work of the TFWC brought the culture of BU into closer alignment with its mission and values, and now the BU-SAC will continue making inroads that will impact and improve the staff experience across the organization. We could not advance BU’s mission to be a best-in-class employer without all of you—thank you.
Amanda and Andrea, BU-SAC advisors

Mission & Vision

The mission of the BU Staff Advisory Council is to:

  • Foster open and ongoing communication between University staff and leadership
  • Identify and address areas of opportunity related to the University’s workplace culture
  • Serve as an advisory body that reports directly to the president

Foundations & Expectations

BU-SAC members will:

  • Serve as advisors to the chair and University leadership to improve workplace culture and environment
  • Recommend staff members that reflect the institutional values related to diversity and equity to serve on institutional committees
  • Provide constructive feedback on University policies and procedures that affect staff or workplace culture
  • Establish committees and/or working groups to sponsor events and activities to improve communications, workplace culture, staff morale, and a sense of belonging
  • Meet regularly to represent and review staff perspectives; the BU-SAC will meet twice per year (during fall and spring semesters)
  • Support the curation and execution of the Innovation to Action speaker series:
    • The upcoming “ChatGPT and HR: The Next Workplace Frontier” event will take place on October 25, 2023; registration information will be provided in the coming weeks.


View a complete list of all BU-SAC members.

Who can serve?

Benefits-eligible full- or part-time staff members with at least 12 months of continuous employment at BU can serve on the BU-SAC.

Application & Selection Process

  • The BU-SAC will comprise 30 members. Ten members will be appointed annually by the BU-SAC’s Membership Selection Committee.
    • The Committee is comprised of SAC ex-officio Advisors, current SAC Vice-chairs, current SAC Vice-chairs-elect, the current SAC past Vice-chairs (when applicable), and three Council members appointed by the Chair or the Chair’s designee.
  • Each member will serve a three-year term.

Contact Us

The BU-SAC is committed to fostering open and continuous communication with the BU community. Please email Amanda Bailey, Vice President for Human Resources, at (or give her a call at 617-353-4480) or email the Office of the Senior Diversity Officer at with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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