Job Offers/New Hire Setup/Entry

All job offers are made by Human Resources. As the hiring manager, when you are ready to extend an offer to a candidate, discuss the terms and conditions of the job offer with your designated Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS). Your TAS will then extend a contingent offer and keep you informed of the candidate’s decision.

Once an offer is accepted and successful completion of the background check, Human Resources handles the new hire setup/entry process. You can begin setting up training and work-related orientation for your new employee.

After a candidate accepts an employment offer, Human Resources will:

  • Confirm the start date with the new employee
  • Schedule the new employee for orientation.  This includes issuing the employee’s University Identification Number (UID), completion of Form I-9 within the first three days of employment, and the employee’s online account creation.
  • Create the new employee record in SAP
  • Send out a confirmation letter. The letter will include confirmation of the terms of the job offer (job title, salary, grade, start date), the time, date, and location of orientation, and work schedule information.

All new employee orientation sessions are held on Mondays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Human Resources on both campuses