To attract and retain the most talented individuals, Boston University maintains a flexible and competitive compensation policy. When determining salaries, the following factors are considered:

  • Level and scope of responsibilities
  • Required education
  • Required skills and relevant experience
  • Internal and external equity
  • Department’s budget

Salaries are a critical component of total rewards, which is why the University considers an individual’s specific experience and education as it relates to the requirements of a position.

Salary Grades and Ranges

Please note: while positions are aligned with a pay grade, internal equity is also a factor in determining pay. The recommended recruitment range of pay for a given position is generally a subset of the pay grade range; it is not typically equivalent to the entire range of the pay grade.


Pay Supplements & Additional Payments

The University has several programs to provide managers with non-recurring compensation options that can be used to attract and retain key talent. Note: These programs are funded by individual units/ departments.

These programs include stay bonuses (i.e., retention bonus), employment bonuses (i.e., sign-on bonus), and performance bonuses. There is also an over-base payment program for additional payment to an employee’s regular salary or wages for significant, temporary increases in responsibilities related to special circumstances. More information is available in the guidelines below: