Tuition Remission Benefits for Your Spouse

Once you have satisfied the service requirement, your opposite sex or same sex spouse will be granted 50% Tuition Remission each semester for courses taken at Boston University which are eligible for tuition remission. This includes graduate and undergraduate courses.

If your employment ends before the first day of class, your spouse will be required to pay full tuition for the courses taken that semester. If your employment ends before the last day of classes, your spouse’s benefits will continue until the end of the semester.

Service Requirement

Your spouse will be eligible for Tuition Remission benefits once you have completed 12 months of eligible service, (i.e. continuous and full-time service) at Boston University.

If you and your spouse are both employed at Boston University and are both eligible for Tuition Remission benefits, you and your spouse are individually eligible to receive Tuition Remission as employees. You and your spouse are not eligible to receive benefits as a spouse.