Evan Sopher

SHA’09 President – Strategic Partnerships, Zenly


Upon graduation, Evan went back to his roots and entered the real estate industry first as a residential broker for Platinum Properties NYC, before joining the management and brokerage firm founded by his father in 2010 as part of its financial workout team.  While eventually becoming VP for acquisitions, he co-founded a restaurant investment group, Frateres Hospitality, which counts the Windsor restaurant franchise as well another asset opening in November 2014 among its portfolio. In addition, in 2013, Evan joined the executive team of a real estate technology startup firm, Zenly, the first electronic brokerage firm of its kind, currently serving the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn markets of New York City.  Evan serves as Zenly’s President for strategic partnerships. Evan received his bachelor’s degree from the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration in 2009.