George Poll

Co-founder, Poll Restaurants

Board Member, School of Hospitality Administration Advisory Board 


George Poll is a Restauranteur who grew up in Manhasset, New York. He works alongside his brother, Gillis Poll. The two brothers have been establishing distinctive restaurants for over 30 years. They come from a New York City-based, food service, a family business dating back to the 1920s. They branched off on their own in 1980 when they opened Pappas Restaurant in Williston Park, Long Island which later became Riverbay Seafood Bar & Grill. Hard work, high standards, an eye for detail and a great staff enabled the brothers to grow their restaurant business. Today they own and operate, Bryant & Cooper Steakhouse, Majors Steakhouse, Cipollini Trattoria & Bar, Toku Modern Asian, Bar Frites Restaurant, Hendrick’s Tavern and coming soon…The Bryant. They are dedicated to providing their guests with a distinguished dining experience. Great atmosphere, warm hospitality, and quality are what makes their restaurants so beloved. George is also a proud alumnus of Boston University School of Hospitality Administration and graduated in 1984.