Shivika Kothari

SHA’15 Founder, Meraaki Kitchen


Being the fifth generation of the KGK group, an established diamond business, Shivika Kothari is the first person from her family to have ventured into hospitality with an intention to not only add a new vertical to a much-established business, but also create an avenue of her own where she can add value in her own form.

While studying Hospitality Administration she completed two levels of internships with renowned chains like Marriott International and Taj Hotels. It is while working with international chains that she accumulated acumen to anticipate guest needs as she realized that customization and personal touch are the keys to success in this industry. Meraaki Kitchen is Shivika’s first business venture post her graduation and is a 30,000 sq.ft. experiential restaurant located within the heart of the Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The entire property was designed and conceptualized by the young entrepreneur and her partner Neha Shah who is the Masterchef India Season 4 finalist. They not only deliberated with architects and designers but also picked and chose each decor element ranging from artifacts to furniture to crockery cutlery and more.

Every space at Meraaki Kitchen is a sanctuary of comfort embodying mind, body and spirit, whether it is a meal with family, an evening with friends or a celebration of a special occasion. This philosophy extends into the menu as well, which reanimates cuisines in vogue – a delight not only for the palate but a visual treat as well. Ones dining experiences at Meraaki Kitchen is a culmination of handpicked culinary delights from across the world with a contemporary interpretation. Working from the ground up, Shivika have envisioned a ‘space for soul’, which is not only minimalistic, subtle and spacious but also a place beyond just its food and environment. Inspired by nature and set against contemporary rustic surroundings, Meraaki Kitchen resonates across cultures for a soulful experience that transforms ones time there.

Meraaki Kitchen, although very new, has created a huge impact on the Food and Beverage market in Jaipur, leading to Shivika being awarded the Young Female Entrepreneur of the year, Jaipur by Business Insider and also the Future Leader Award by Coutts Bank, London. Shivika personally feels that the Indian F&B market is going to go through a huge transformation over the coming years with a transition towards finer imported ingredients and gourmet food.  By venturing into Meraaki Kitchen she wants to create a destination that is above and beyond ordinary and deliver a true everlasting experience for its patrons. From space to the food, Shivika has personally curated each bit at Meraaki Kitchen and for this she draws an inspiration from her parents who have been leading the diversified portfolio at KGK.