James Apteker

CEO, Longwood Events


A proven leader and dedicated mentor, Jim Apteker consults with many companies, particularly focusing on startups in the lifestyle and hospitality industries. His expertise is highly sought by young and serial entrepreneurs alike; especially on branding, strategy, operations, and profitability. He counsels founders, executives and boards of directors on a wide range of topics, from day-to-day investment and expansion opportunities. As a strategic, far-forward thinker, he provides valuable insight, coaching, and counsel. Mr. Apteker holds especially soft spot in his heart for aspiring restaurateurs and non-profits dedicated to children’s wellbeing and education, both in the US and in developing countries. He consistently makes a positive impact in communities he spends time in. Master of connections, he enjoys connecting entrepreneurs in all development stages, inspirational leaders, mentors, and interesting people from most remote walks of life that can’t be defined with one word.

Mr. Apteker is the founder of Longwood Venues+Destinations, a luxury, full-service event company behind such sought after venues like State Room, Alden Castle, Newport Beach House, Belle Mer, and the exclusive private club, Wychmere Beach Club. These perfectly situated, designed, and run spaces are synonymous with prestigious events in the Northeast. They are the preeminent sites for discerning hosts who choose venues that are authentic to their location, original in design, genuine in relationships and with proven positive impact to communities.

Mr. Apteker grew up in the food service industry. His parents were the founders of the original Veronique Restaurant in Coolidge Corner, which he moved to Longwood Towers and fully took over after graduation from Boston University School of Hospitality Administration in 1989. With the growing popularity of Veronique as “the place” for special events, Mr. Apteker’s restaurant concept slowly evolved into a private event room, with the final transition in 2002. Veronique, now under revived original name, Alden Castle, is a top destination for society weddings, key social events, and corporate dinners. Mr. Apteker’s theory behind the event-planning industry is: “Think of a boutique that custom-tailors clothes. We custom-tailor events.” The concept was revolutionary and reinvented the entire industry. In the fall of 2003, Mr. Apteker purchased the former Bay Tower Room restaurant, perched atop a skyscraper, in downtown Boston. After a multimillion-dollar refurbishment, the State Room opened and immediately gained the status of the “must have” location for any prestigious event. Now, 13 years later, it continues to maintain this honor, with ease and grace. The State Room offers panoramic views of the harbor and city and is the only independently owned special-event venue that accommodates over 850 guests in downtown Boston. Mr. Apteker kept on adding jewels to the portfolio. All acquired as diamonds in the rough, Mr. Apteker had a vision for each one of them that no one at that time could see and understand. His perseverance made Belle Mer, Wychmere Beach Club, and Newport Beach House to become what they are now.

Mr. Apteker is on the board of directors for Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration and an Overseer of Boston University. He was chosen as BU’s “Alumni of the Year” in 2003 and was honored by Boston Business Journal with the prestigious award of “40 under 40” in 2004. Mr. Apteker serves as active advisor and investor in various hospitality and lifestyle companies with concentration in food and beverage, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. He is sought after by some of the hospitality world’s most influential people for his experience, contacts and insights. He is also an investor in several real estate and start-up projects in Boston and New York.

Mr. Apteker is a mezcal and wine connoisseur. He is a member of the most distinguished wine organizations: Confrérie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, Les Escoffier, and American Institute of Wine and Food. He is also an avid art and wine collector, and a dedicated sailor and golfer. He draws most fulfillment, however, from the daily life with his Polish-born wife, Alina, and two children, Aniela and Ari. The whole family can be spotted around their neighborhood and simply hanging out on their stoop. At the end of the day, Mr. Apteker is a true family and neighborhood man.