The Humanities at BU

A student asks a question in “Religion and Hip Hop,” a College of Arts & Sciences Department of Religion course that uses digital media studies to explore diverse religious expressions in hip hop culture.

Humanities disciplines and methods focus on human experiences through primarily critical, interpretive, or speculative lenses, as distinguished from the empirical and quantitative approaches of the natural and social sciences.

The Humanities Division of the College of Arts & Sciences is composed of eight departments that offer a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Laura Brusetti Mcginn, coordinator of the Italian Language Program, teaches during a Jamboard in Italian about ChatGPT in March 2023.

    The following academic departments and programs also offer courses with strong humanistic content.

    Students in the Netherlands
    History of Art & Architecture students traveled to the Netherlands with Associate Professor Michael Zell, a scholar of seventeenth-century Dutch art, to visit museums during spring break 2023.

    The Boston University Center for the Humanities (BUCH) supports the work of humanities scholars and students at Boston University through fellowships, awards, and events such as our forums. The Center promotes dialogue between humanities disciplines and public constituencies in ways that are vital to civic life.