For three decades, The Journal of the Core Curriculum has been a student-led anthology of exemplary writing by the students and faculty of the Core. For each issue, editors select works of academic and imaginative writing, which engage deeply the topics and texts encountered in the Core. The Journal is published annually, typically in the month of April, and is available at no cost to members of the Core community and to interested members of the public as supplies allow. Additional copies of selected issues can be purchased from

Pictured at right is the cover from our twenty-ninth issue, edited by Elena Bernstein and David Malkin. The web version of this issue is still in development; email us to ask that we contact you directly when it is available online.

Starting with our thirtieth issue, to be published in 2021, we are opening submissions to students representing any program or year in the College of Arts & Sciences. The Journal will continue to be a product of the student editors of the Core Curriculum, and will continue to serve the purpose of expanding our conversation about foundational texts and ideas, beyond the classroom and into the communities around our campus and our various points of origin.

Submit to Volume XXX: “Community and COVID”

All student or recent graduate authors are invited to submit their academic and creative work for consideration for the next issue of the Core Journal, to be published in the spring of 2021. This issue will have a special thematic focus on experiences of and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Submissions are as always welcome from all members of the extended Core community of faculty, staff, alumni and current students. Submit your texts, images and proposals by email.

Issue Archive

To access back issues online, click on the issue links below to open a PDF in a new window. To inquire about the availability of a print issue copy, contact the staff.