Anthropology in the Works is a student-run group that is an inclusive, collaborative, creative space for students to explore anthropology and is open to any student interested in learning more about the discipline. We work to increase the understanding and appreciation of anthropology and to dispel claims that it is not “real” science. We are dedicated to learning more about the traditions and customs of different cultures by hosting and participating in events around campus and across the Boston area. 

Anthropology in the Works connects undergraduate students with faculty and graduate students and contributes to the community within the Anthropology Department. We do this through planning excursions, discussions, presentations, and celebrations attended by various members of the community. 

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Executive Board:

Co-President: Juli Dick

Co-President: Katrina Tronco

Secretary: Maddie Hurysz

Treasurer: Naomi Alexander

PR/Social Media Chair: Emiley Garcia-Zych