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Diversity and Inclusion at CAS

Our mission can best be achieved through a diverse, inclusive, and accessible environment for all.

At the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, it is our belief that our intellectual community depends upon the critical but collegial collaboration of diverse individuals from multiple communities of origin, religious traditions, ethnic and racial backgrounds, gender and sexual identities, schools of thought, and ethical and political commitments, some living with disabilities. Furthermore, our mission as a tax-exempt private educational institution is to serve the public good by educating and nurturing research and discovery. These goals can only be achieved through a diverse, inclusive, and accessible environment, in which all people are, and feel themselves to be, respected as moral equals engaged in a common pursuit of expanding the boundaries of our knowledge and creativity.

We are making real progress toward this goal.

Since the completion of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan in December 2017, CAS has laid the groundwork for the creation of a diverse and inclusive community. We have:


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Resources

Office of the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Undergraduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Resources

Discrimination and Harassment Information and Resources

Office of STEM Outreach & Diversity

Academic Departments and Programs Centering Equity and Inclusion in the Curriculum

D&I Planning and Committees

CAS Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

CAS Diversity and Inclusion Action Team

Academic Department and Program D&I Initiatives

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