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Experiential Learning (EL) Activates Your Degree

Put your Arts & Sciences education into action through experiential learning (EL) opportunities that build upon and expand the knowledge you’re gaining through your coursework – in a real-world context. Experiential learning (EL) happens every day at BU, both inside and outside the classroom. There are countless pathways for exploration and network building, right at your fingertips. Dive in and find your EL opportunity today!

What is EL?

To put it simply, EL means learning by doing. Any time you apply the information and skills you’ve gained in the classroom to a real-world problem or question, you are engaging in EL. However, to EL effectively: it’s vital to take the time to reflect and to absorb the impact of your experience – so that future decisions can be made in full awareness of the lessons you’ve learned in the past. As an Arts & Sciences student, you have access to stellar faculty and mentors who are expertly equipped to help you make the most of your EL opportunities and take action with your degree.

Why should I EL?

There’s no question that experiential learning will have a meaningful impact on your academic and professional development. You’ll develop team skills, improve your communication, practice decision-making, grow your networks, and make connections to prospective employers and mentors – all while building your resume. But in the College of Arts & Sciences, we believe that the most import reason to EL is the opportunity it gives you to explore questions that matter, to you personally and to the world more broadly. It’s never too soon to start exploring your interests – and that’s why you should EL.

Who can EL?

There are EL opportunities for every student in Arts & Sciences, with varying levels of subject-area knowledge and time commitments required. Looking for a short-term volunteer project to see how much you really enjoy working with animals? Loved that History course you took last semester but want to experience the kinds of work historians do with their degree? Want to find a semester-long internship to test out the field you think you want to major in? All of these opportunities and more are available to you – and the A&S Connector is here to help you access them.

Where to Start?

Not sure how to find the right EL Opportunity for you? The A&S Connector is your resource for finding EL Opportunities at Boston University. Take a look!

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