The Graduate Program in Religion Student Association (GPRSA) is a student-run group representing the needs and interests of graduate students in the GPR at all stages of the program. The elected Executive Board works on behalf of all students to sponsor a range of events that foster professional development and student solidarity. GPRSA also organizes an annual graduate conference in Religious Studies. All students are welcome to participate in or take on leadership roles within GPRSA-sponsored groups and activities.

The 2022-2023 Student Board is:

Sara Boston: President

Tyler Fuller: Vice President and Communications Officer

Dane Scott: Treasurer

Scott Chase: Conference Coordinator

Josh Smith: Events Coordinator

Join us for our 2022 Symposium!

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Here at the Study of Religions Club we provide a casual space to discuss all things religion: traditions, beliefs, rituals, politics, and even things that you might not think involve religion! 

Open to students in the religion department and anyone within the greater BU community. We offer plenty of opportunities for leadership and involvement at BU. Our goal is to make studying and learning about religions fun and engaging for everyone!

Join us at Tea with Traditions, our weekly hangouts during which we explore and digest exciting ideas in Religious Studies. Be sure to check our club page to see our full schedule of events including but not limited to: game nights, movie screenings, potlucks, faculty presentations, and conferences!

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