Welcome to the Archaeology Program

“Instead of being tethered within the small present, bounded on one side by a hazy tomorrow and on the other by a very few centuries of carefully dated yesterdays, the long stream of human existence can be traced ever backward through the millennia… Backward, ever backward, the trail runs, and it is given to the archaeologist to trace its way.”

—Ann Axtell Morris, 1934 Digging in the Southwest

Why take a course in archaeology, the study of the human past through its material remains? You can learn more about our shared human past and the diversity of human cultures, worldwide, over time. Why major in or pursue a career in archaeology? Did you know that more than 8,000 new jobs in archaeology are forecast over the next decade in the US alone (Altschul and Klein 2022)? BU offers a nationally-renowned academic program in archaeology to help you find one of those jobs and a satisfying future in this exciting discipline of discovery and preservation.

Our website includes detailed information about the degrees we offer, our courses, and archaeological research at Boston University. Archaeology at BU connects multiple scholarly disciplines with the shared aim of revealing more of the human story and its deep past.