Off-Campus Students

Welcome to Boston University School of Social Work’s Off-Campus MSW Program!

You have an exciting and challenging year ahead and we look forward to guiding you through your graduate education at BUSSW. The following information will help you prepare to enter the program.

Contact Us

Off-Campus Program Team:

Diane Crowley, Director of the Fall River Campus
(617) 358-2466 (office) | Email:

Debra Berglin, Director of the Cape Cod Campus
(617) 694-5956 (office) | Email:

Susan Brostrup-Jensen, Director of the Worcester Hybrid Program
(617) 356-5771 (cell) |  Email:

Mena daSilva-Clark, Assistant Dean for Off-Campus & Online Programs/Covering Director of the Bedford Campus
(617) 353-2803 (office) | Email:

Melissa Howland, Senior Program Coordinator
(617) 353-2115 (office) | Email:

Liana Pourrahimi, Administrative Assistant
(617) 353-3766 (office) | Email: