Master of Arts (MA) & Master of Science (MS) Programs

A strong interest in research could lead you to one of our four research-focused master’s programs:

Master of Arts in Biostatistics

The MA in Biostatistics prepares students to collaborate on research in academia, industry, or government, or to enter a doctoral program. The program is jointly administered by the Department of Biostatistics of the School of Public Health and the Department of Mathematics & Statistics of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Master of Science in Environmental Health

Students focus on environmental epidemiology, urban and community environmental health, exposure assessment, or toxicology and risk assessment. The MS program trains students for scholarly careers in research with an in-depth focus on environmental health. In contrast, the MPH is a professional program with a broad public health scope; within the MPH, students can concentrate in Environmental Health.

Master of Science in Epidemiology

Students receive a fundamental grounding in the principles of epidemiology and biostatistics, including statistical computing, with an emphasis on their application to public health research.

Master of Science in Health Services Research

This program offers opportunities to study both quantitative and qualitative research methods with an emphasis on analyzing health care quality, outcomes, and economics.