Terms You Should Know

This is an alphabetical glossary of terms that you may encounter while browsing this website.

Salary Grade
Each salary grade has minimum, midpoint and maximum wage. Each job and thereby each position is assigned to a specific salary grade based on internal and external equity.
Salary Grade Maximum
The maximum of the salary range in a given grade.
Salary Grade Midpoint
The midpoint of the salary range in a given grade
Salary Grade Minimum
The minimum of the salary range in a given grade.
Salary Structure
A company's salary structure is the method of administering its pay philosophy. The University employs a blended approach taking into consideration the internal equity (how jobs of similar level compare to each other for pay) and external equity (how jobs of the a similar type and level are compensated out in the market) of each job.
smoking ordinance
Smoking ordinance: The Boston Public Health Commission’s Regulation, "Clean Air Works Workplace Smoking Restrictions" requires that workplaces and commercial buildings in the City of Boston be "smoke free" working environments beginning May 5, 2003. The ordinance imposes requirements on employers to provide and maintain a smoke-free workplace by posting signs enforcing the City-wide smoking ban in their buildings.
social security
Social Security is a federal retirement and disability income program.
Staffing involves determining future needs, and recruiting, selecting, and training the organization’s workforce.
strategic planning
Strategic planning is the process of identifying an organization’s long-term goals and objectives and then determining the best approach for achieving those goals and objectives.
Temporary Agency Personnel
Temporary Agency Personnel are employees working at the University who are hired through an employment agency. A Temporary Agency Employee is considered an employee of the agency and is not paid by Boston University.
Temporary Employee
Temporary Employee is an employee who is hired directly and paid by Boston University, but cannot be employed for more than nine months.
Temporary Employees
Temporary Employees are employees who are hired directly and paid by Boston University, but cannot be employed for more than nine months.
training and development
Training and development is a process dealing primarily with transferring or obtaining knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to carry out a specific activity or task.
UID is a student or employee’s unique BU account user identification number; begins with U and is followed by eight digits.
urgent care
Urgent care is the care needed to treat an unforeseen condition that requires immediate medical treatment in the outpatient department of a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office for the treatment of acute pain, acute infection, or protection of public health. An urgent condition is not life-threatening but may cause serious medical problems if not promptly treated.