Hiring Students

When hiring a student, check with your payroll coordinator for the proper procedures for your department. Only students who meet Student Employment Eligibility Criteria are eligible to be paid as student employees. Without a hire record, student employees will not be paid on time.

Keep in mind that many students have no previous work experience. You may need to hire and train an inexperienced student. During the interview process, make your expectations of the role clear. More advice can be found regarding Interviewing Students.

Consult the Job Classifications Guide for the grade level, job code, and pay scale to be used when hiring a student. Work-Study students should already have an intended Work-Study job they will be hired into, which is created using the Guide. If needed, please create a new Work-Study position or maintain your existing ones. We do have an Automatic Rehire process in place from one academic year to the next, which can assist in Rehiring eligible Work-Study students.

The process can require a Job Number depending on the role and type.

Follow our Student Hire Procedure to ensure the student’s hire record is submitted appropriately. A comprehensive guide to the hiring process is available and is best as a side-along guide during the process.

When completing Section 2 of the Form I-9 for a student employee, please refer to our University Form I-9 Procedure or the following video.