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Featured below is an archive and topic listings of past eCasts. Click on the date to view the file. Note: Ecasts are now stored as PDF files with full graphics. Click on the date to open, right click for an option to download.

May 2012

  • Special Announcements

April 2012

  • New Website on Human Resilience
  • Limited Time Offers from the Publications Division
  • Stress Management Can Be Taught Online
  • Congratulations to Maria Restrepo

March 2012

  • Presentation to be made on PhotoVoice
  • Self-Determination
  • Panel on Love
  • Self-Determination

February 2012

  • Video Now Available
  • Opportunity for Peer-Run Organization
  • PRJ Special Issue on Young Adults

January 2012

  • Anti-Stigma Service Learning Project for Students
  • Recovery Workbooks Promotion!!
  • Recruiting Participants

December 2011

  • NEW Online Seminar
  • CPR Training Director to speak at conference
  • New Employment Support Workshops in Canada

November 2011

  • Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D. is now Executive Director
  • New Health Resource from UIC
  • British Ministry of Defense has launched a campaign to promote better awareness of the mental health

October 2011

  • Fact Sheet: Serving Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Workshps available in Toronto
  • NEW!! Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities

September 2011

  • Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D. appointed to the position of Executive Director of CPR
  • Fall workshops programs announced
  • BU CPR gets visitors from Italy
  • William Anthony, Ph.D. elected to "Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health" Care board

August 2011

  • William Anthony, Ph.D. announces retirement
  • How you can participate in a Research Study
  • What's New on DRRK?
  • CPR Staff Publication

July 2011

  • New CPR Staff News
  • Revealing Secrets Can Help Students
  • The Italians are Coming!
  • Video of Interest

June 2011

  • New Conference Board is announced
  • June Book Special: a 50% off discount for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Slide shows from Webinars now available online
  • Update for the DRRK Site

May 2011

  • New Book + Test Offering
  • NAMIWalks
  • CPR on Facebook
  • LAST CHANCE for 2011 PVR


April 2011

  • Now in PDF Format!
  • ICCD Clubhouse model has been accepted
  • CPR on Facebook
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Special Issue
  • What’s new on the DRRK

March 2011

  • Have a question about behavioral health?
  • A powerful tool for social justice
  • CPR on Facebook
  • Spring Promotion for the Food Education Curriculum
  • New Curriculums planned

February 2011

  • Center on Adherence and Self-Determination
  • Saudi Arabia Partners with CPR
  • New Online Seminar: Group Process Guidelines
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal: Winter Issue Now Available

January 2011

  • New Online Seminar
  • Work Accommodation and Retention in Mental Health
  • New Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation (PVR) Initiative in Canada

December 2010

  • Reduced Price for the Career Planning Curriculum
  • Extension for PVR - Boston "Early Bird Deadline"
  • BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is on Facebook
  • Announcing a New Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation (PVR) Initiative in Canada
  • USPRA's 36th Annual Conference

November 2010

  • Preventing Suicide in College
  • CPR staff publications now available
  • Papers Sought

October 2010

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Special Section focuses on Self-Determination and Innovation
  • Toolkit for Assessing Cultural Competence in Peer-Run Mental Health Organizations
  • Newsletter Interview with William Anthony
  • Combating Prejudice and Discrimination Through Photovoice Empowerment
  • CPR staff publication now online
  • Registration Open for Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation

September 2010

  • Psych Rehab Educators Symposium
  • Fall Book Promotion!
  • A National Call to Action: 10 X 10 Wellness Campaign
  • Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse Teleconference

August 2010

  • Employment for Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Two New Products Available
  • Greetings

July 2010

  • Latino Provider Consumer training
  • Entrecruzando Nuestros Caminos: Entrenamiento Para Compañeros-promotores de Recuperación y Rehabilitación
  • Latino BestNow
  • Academia de Liderazgo
  • Don’t miss the Summer Issue of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available
  • Articles you might be interested in
  • FREE Introductory Webinar: July 26 2010
  • Your Opinions are wanted
  • Book Promotion extended throughout the Summer 2010

June 2010

  • Book Promotion for the end of our FY 2010: 50% DISCOUNT
  • New publication for Consultants/Trainers: Enhancing Workplace Inclusion
  • Newsletter: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Mental Health First Aid USA Helps Police Defuse Crises
  • FREE Introductory Webinar Series
  • Global Leadership Training Institute
  • BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation RRTC focuses on new projects in the area of Employment Outcomes.

May 2010

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Webinar Series Scheduled June & July 2010
  • Professional Development Program (PDP) Offers New Book and Test
  • National ADA Symposium to be held in Denver, Colorado
  • Community Integration: Supporting People in Getting What They Want

April 2010

  • Special Issue of Journal focuses on Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery in the VA
  • An Array of Recovery Products
  • Mental Health America's 2010 Conference
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Available with UMass Transitions RRTC

March 2010

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Call for Papers
  • Free Webinar on Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Mental Health Courts
  • SAMHSA 10X10 Wellness Campaign Training Teleconference
  • Mental Health Transformation Grants
  • Report Examines Best Practices in Consumer-Led Evaluation Teams

February 2010

  • New Online Seminar: Ethics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Promotion Offer for Spanish Recovery Products
  • UIC Research and Training Center Announces Free Podcasts
  • Massachusetts Healthy Changes Initiative Exemplifies Pledge for Wellness

January 2010

  • Winter Issue of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Now Available
  • Primer on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process Now Available
  • Approaching Deadline for the Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • New Technical Assistance (TA) and Training Service Using Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technology Now Available

December 2009

  • Now Available - Group Process Guidelines for Leading Groups and Classes
  • Center Announces Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Announcing New Class in Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Center Receives Research and Training Center Grant on Improved Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Transition from School to Work Among Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions RTC Awarded

October 2009

  • Food Education Curriculum Now Available
  • Special Issue of Journal focuses on Parents with Psychiatric Disabilities and Their Families
  • Use Copyright Clearance Center Services for Permissions
  • What a Difference a Friend Makes
  • Bring Change 2 Mind

September 2009

  • Revised Recovery Workbook Now Available
  • Initiatives to Support Students in Higher Education
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators Hold Fall Symposium

August 2009

  • New Guide Available with Principled Leadership Book
  • Free Webinar on Helping Business Incorporate the Value of People with Disabilities into Their Bottom Line
  • New Guide Reviews Research on Law Enforcement Responses to People with Mental Illnesses
  • USPRA Announces Ethics Webinar
  • New Book of Recovery Stories and Images

July 2009

  • Systematic Review of Supported Housing
  • Summer Issue of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available
  • Free Webinar Focuses on Getting through Tough Economic Times
  • Working the WRAP with Veterans Free Webinar with Copeland
  • Inform Employers about Benefits of Ticket-to-Work Program through Free Webinar
  • New Resource Educates Latinos about MH Issues

June 2009

  • Curriculum for Training Personal Assistance Service Providers
  • 10 Tools to "Live your Life Well"
  • Results on Certified Peer Specialist Job Titles and Job Descriptions
  • Free Webcast on Consumer Integration: Why It Matters, How It Works
  • Bringing Together Training in Research, Clinical Experience and Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • New NIMH Video Describes Depression, Importance of Treatment
  • Peer-Centered Perspective Featured at Conference
  • Thank you from the makers of the eCast

May 2009

  • New Book of Recovery Stories and Images
  • Advanced Workshops in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Top Recovery Resources for Mental Health by State
  • Video Highlights Use of Photovoice in Expressing Experience of Stigma
  • Conference Celebrates 100 Years of Advocacy
  • Scholarship Deadline Approaching for Conference

April 2009

  • Higher Education Support Toolkit
  • Guide to Employment Supports from Social Security
  • Conference on Self-Determination
  • Videos on Ending Chronic Homelessness
  • Redesigned Product Webpages
  • Mothers with Depression and their Adult Daughters: Study Seeks Participants
  • Special Message from the makers of this eNewsletter

March 2009

  • Comfort Rooms that Work
  • Report Card on State Mental Health Services
  • Online Community for Individuals to Share their Stories
  • Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities
  • National Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign

February 2009

  • Stigma Combated through Photography Intervention
  • Training for Certification as Peer Specialist
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Articles Highlight Recovery and Rehabilitation

January 2009

  • Last Call for Applications
  • Consumer Providers in the Workforce
  • Special Section of Journal focuses on Occupational Therapy and Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health on Campus Resources
  • The Role and Function of Mental Health Court

December 2008

  • Changes to the ADA Affect Those with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Call for Presentation Proposals for NAMI Convention 2009
  • Depression and Bipolar Support in Spanish
  • Veterans-Related Resources
  • Free Online Videos on Resiliency and Recovery

November 2008

  • Innovative Initiatives for Reducing Early Mortality
  • Self-Disclosure and Its Impact
  • Mothers with Depression and their Adult Daughters: New Study Seeks Participants
  • Call for Papers and Presentations on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • Guide for College Students Seeking Mental Health Services
  • Multicultural Presentations Available from Conference

October 2008

  • New Class Announced in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Fall Issue of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available
  • Free Webinar on Strategies to Help Veterans
  • Resources on Multicultural Mental Health and Rehabilitation
  • Planning Ahead Supports Self-Determination

September 2008

  • New Homelessness Resource Center Web Site Launched
  • September is Suicide Prevention Month
  • New Toolkit Supports Sustainability in Community-Based Programs
  • Call for Workshop Proposals
  • Survey Seeks Input on State Mental Health Systems

August 2008

  • Parenting & Child Custody Issues Toolkit for People with Behavioral Health Problems
  • Conference on Recovery now Online Video Courses with CEUs
  • Resources and Funding focus for Student Mental Health on College Campuses
  • The Contribution of Self-Direction to Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services
  • Center Continues as Academic Program Closes
  • Helping to Demystify Self-Inflicted Violence

July 2008

  • Latino Initiatives Focus for Newsletter
  • Online Survey Looking for Feedback from Certified Peer Specialists!
  • Summer Issue of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available
  • Peer-Centered Presentations Featured at Conference
  • Suicide Prevention among Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses
  • Transition Age Youth and Steps Taken by States

June 2008

  • Leadership in Mental Health Systems Focus for Newsletter
  • Online Survey for Parents with a Psychiatric Disability
  • Free Webinar on the Effective Use of WRAP
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Women and Depression
  • Survey for People with Bipolar Disorder

May 2008

  • Remarkable Success in Supported Employment Featured in Spring Issue of Journal
  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence Conference Call
  • Creating Inclusive Communities for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • National Conference and Summit on Mental Health Promotion
  • New International Diploma in Mental Health Law
  • NAMI Annual Convention in June
  • Alternatives 2008 Seeks Workshop Proposals

April 2008

  • New Book on Leadership
  • Conference Closes, Courses Coming
  • Report on State Mandates for Benefits
  • Free Guidebook Highlights Peer Specialists in In-Patient Settings
  • "Power of Peers" Conference Offers Scholarships

March 2008

  • Conference Spans Research, Practice and Innovations Toward Recovery
  • Mental Health America Releases Survey Results of Consumers and Psychiatrists
  • Suicide Prevention Resources
  • Funding Opportunities for Researchers from National Institute of Health
  • Free Training Teleconference on Stigma
  • Accredited Online Courses Free for a Limited Time

February 2008

  • Conference on Innovative and Effective Ways to a Recovery-Orientation
  • Participate in Survey on Cultural Competence in Consumer-Run Programs
  • Special Offer for Print and Online for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
  • New Film Focuses on Work & Recovery
  • Last Call for Applications
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment and Prevention Recommendations

January 2008

  • Online "Clubhouse" is Unique, New Opportunity for Support and Hope
  • Last Chance for Early Bird Discount on Conference
  • Toward a Vision of Recovery: Book and Companion Video
  • Free Webcast on the Evidence Base for Consumer-Driven Services
  • Articles Highlight Recovery and Rehabilitation

December 2007

  • Special Savings on Upcoming Conference
  • New Web Resource on Wellness for People with Mental Illnesses
  • Free How-To Webcast on Systems Advocacy
  • NAMI Launches Veterans Resource Center

November 2007

  • Conference on Recovery Announces Presenters
  • Resources for Spanish-Speaking Clients
  • Fall Issue of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available
  • Survivors of Suicide Loss Have New Opportunity for Support
  • Training on Supporting Parents with Mental Illness

October 2007

  • New Class Announced for Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Resources for Veterans and their Families
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators Share Ideas
  • Employment Opportunity for Senior Research Specialist
  • New Transformation Effort Seeks Input
  • Call for Papers
  • Funding Opportunities for Researchers From SAMHSA
  • From The National Institute of Health

September 2007

  • Newsletter Focuses on Resources for Measuring Outcomes
  • Free Webcast about Rehabilitation Readiness Guide for Latinos
  • Deadline for Poster Submissions October 30
  • Guidelines Issued for Medicaid Funding of Peer Support Services
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Boston University Accepting Applications

August 2007

  • Web Resource on Homelessness Launched
  • Free Download of Video on Recovery
  • Training in Recovery-Oriented Rehabilitation Processes
  • Help Identify Unique Community Integration Efforts
  • Science, Service and Recovery Conference to Be Held in Chicago
  • International Meeting Focuses on Building Partnerships

July 2007

  • Peer Specialist Conference offers Practical Skills
  • Free Download for Guide to Parenting with a Mental Illness
  • Bazelon Offers Model Policy for Addressing Student Mental Health
  • Care for People with Co-occurring Disorders
  • Early Bird Registration ends July 15 for European Conference
  • Upcoming Presentations by Center Staff

June 2007

  • Consumer-Driven Services Directory Welcomes Applications
  • Free Teleconference Training on Improving Provider Attitudes
  • Executive Seminar on System Transformation
  • Conference Focuses on Brighter Futures for Persons Living with Schizophrenia
  • Funding Opportunities for Researchers from National Institute of Health

April 2007

  • Call for Posters at International Conference
  • Web Training Sessions on Accommodation and Compliance
  • Free Online Tools for Workforce Development
  • Peer-run Programs Invited to Apply
  • Spirituality and Recovery Focus for Spring Issue

March 2007

  • Early Bird Discounts End March 8
  • Curriculum on Seclusion and Restraint Roadmap Available as Free Download
  • Online Seminars Offer Continuing Education in Psych Rehab
  • Articles Highlight Transformation, Recovery and Rehabilitation

February 2007

  • National Conference on Supported Education
  • Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Starting Soon
  • New Adaptation of Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for Veterans
  • Assessing and Addressing Trauma and PTSD within Psychiatric Rehabilitation

January 2007

  • Guide to Creating a Statewide Anti-Stigma Campaign Available
  • Manual Describes Community Integration Supports Development
  • Empowerment Scale Goes Multilingual
  • National Institute of Mental Health Requests Input on Research Questions
  • Funding Opportunities for Researchers from National Institute of Health

December 2006

  • Series Addresses Integration of Health, Mental Health and Rehabilitation
  • Free Teleconference Training Calls on Stigma and Discrimination
  • New Class Announced for Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health Consumers/Survivors Create National Coalition
  • Employment Opportunity for Senior Research Specialist

November 2006

  • Updated Internet Courses Focus on Psych Disabilities and Recovery
  • New Book on Stories of Recovery
  • Dates Announced for International Conference on Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • National Resource Center Now Available for Psychiatric Advance Directives
  • Free Download for Overview Sheets about Co-Occurring Disorders

October 2006

  • Second Volume on Recovery Research Now Available
  • Recovery-Orientation Focus for Fall Psych Rehab Journal
  • Audio Conference Educational Series on Psychiatric Rehabilitation Registering Now
  • Center to Culturally Adapt Mental Health Instrument

September 2006

  • Training Day on Community Integration
  • Conference Offers In-Depth Technical Assistance
  • Curriculum on Restraint Reduction Available
  • Free Downloads on Articles
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators Share Ideas

July 2006

  • New Online Seminar On Research Issues for Consumers
  • Summer Issue of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Now Online
  • Newsletter Focuses on Cultural Competency
  • Conference Addresses Accommodation Issues
  • Funding Opportunities for Researchers From the National Institute of Health

June 2006

  • Free Download: Recovery Fact Sheet
  • Researchers & Trainers to Speak at USPRA Conference
  • SAMHSA Issues Consensus Statement on Mental Health Recovery
  • Under the Wire...Introductory Rates End June 30
  • Community Integration Call for Papers Deadline Extended to June 30
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Call for Papers Deadline Extended to June 15
  • Funding Opportunities for Research... Community Reintegration & Mental Illnesses in Older Adults

May 2006

  • Free Download for Webcast on Leadership in Public Mental Health
  • Health and Psych Disabilities Focus for Special Issue of Psych Rehab Journal
  • States Given Report Cards by Consumer-Focused Organization
  • Funding Available for Campus Suicide Prevention
  • Final Call for Papers: Conference on Psychosocial Rehabilitation this Fall

April 2006

  • Deadline for May Workshops on Transitional Age Youth, Photovoice and Job Retention
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Announces Online Version
  • Fact Sheet Available for Free Download Promoting Consumer Community Integration
  • New Webcast Focuses on Consumer-Driven Services
  • 2005 Books and Book Chapters by Center Staff

February 2006

  • Spring Workshop Registration Now Available
  • Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Program Starting Soon
  • UPenn Collaborative on Community Integration Announces Conference
  • 2005 Articles Produced by The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation that May Be of Interest

January 2006

  • A Special eCast on Medicare

December 2005

  • Call for Curricula on Coping with Stigma
  • New Book on Clinical Approaches in Hispanic Mental Health
  • Grant Opportunities from the Center for Mental Health Services
  • Announcing Survey on Post-Secondary Ed
  • Compendium of Recovery Measures

November 2005

  • Documentary on Mental Illness Airs on ABC
  • Grant Funding Creates Traineeships in Psych Rehab
  • New Book Targeted to Latino Community
  • Study Results on Meds Treating Schizophrenia
  • New Report from Institute of Medicine

October 2005

  • Last Call -- Workshops in November on Medicare, Higher Ed, Latinos & Health
  • New Class Announced for Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Awarded New Grant
  • SAMSHA Announces over $260 Million in Grants Awarded
  • National Conference on Disability Inclusion and National Service

September 2005

  • Online Registration Available for Fall Workshops on Medicare, Higher Ed, Latinos & Health
  • Remembering Carol Mowbray
  • Important Prescription Coverage Changes Coming
  • Hope & Health for Persons with Psych Disabilities
  • New Center Focuses on Minorities with Disabilities
  • National Mental Health Organizations Together Create Campaign for Mental Health Reform

August 2005

  • Immediate Response Needed to Proposed Long-Range Plan on Disability Research
  • Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation (PVR) Focus for Newsletter
  • SAMHSA Releases Action Steps for Transformation
  • 20 PDP Hours Available for New Book + Test
  • Article Available for Free Download
  • Fall Workshops on Medicare, Higher Ed, Latinos & Health

July 2005

  • Fall 2005 Workshops
  • Book Presents 30 Years of Evidence Supporting Recovery
  • Trends in Transformation
  • Implementing Recovery-Based Care

June 2005

  • Peer Research Tool from UIC NRTC
  • APA Training Grid Outlines Best Practices
  • Transformation Institute in Consumer Studies

May 2005

  • New Directory of Consumer-Drive Services
  • SAMHSA Reaching Out to Prospective Grantees
  • What Professional Need to Know about Families
  • Free Article: Consumer-Run Drop-In Centers: Program Operations and Costs

April 2005

  • Participate in stigma and discrimination internet survey
  • Trauma-informed peer support conference
  • Participate in SAMHSA webcast on self-direction
  • Northeast wrap conference

March 2005

  • Only 4 weeks left to register for spring workshops
  • New self-determination tool for free download
  • Last chance to apply to certificate program in psychiatric vocational rehabilitation
  • Postdoctoral research fellowships available
  • Call for papers on spirituality and recovery from serious mental illness

February 2005

  • Spring Workshop Series at Boston University, April 11-14, 2005
  • Free Article: Evaluating Cultural Competence Among Behavioral Health Professionals
  • SAMHSA Notices of Grant Funding & Requests for Applications No Longer Published in Federal Register

January 2005

  • Spring 2005 Workshops
  • UIC Webcast on How to Find Employment
  • Free Article: Experiences of Children with a Parent who has a Psychiatric Disability
  • Announcing a New Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research

December 2004

  • Free Video on Building a Meaningful Life after Hospitalization
  • Center Receives Research and Training Center Grant
  • Recovery Study Seeks Participants for Anonymous Internet Survey
  • Colloquium on Health Promotion Webcast Available for Download
  • Free Article Discusses Study Results on Coping Strategies

November 2004

  • Free Treatment Guide For Youth In Juvenile Justice System
  • Participate In Psych Rehab Audio Conference
  • Integrating Physical And Mental Health Care For People With Serious Mental Disorders
  • Scholarship For Individuals With Severe Mental Illness

October 2004

  • Resource Center Produces Quarterly Memorandums on Discrimination & Stigma
  • UPENN Collaborative on Community Integration Launches Web Site
  • New! Practitioner Tools For Achieving Valued Roles
  • New! Professional Development Program Online Seminar

September 2004

  • Article Available for Free Download
  • Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Certificate Program Announces 2005 Class!
  • In Recovery: The Making of Mental Health Policy
  • Repository of Recovery Resources Flyer

July 2004

  • Announcing a Web-Based Repository of Recovery Resources
  • ICDR Seeks Input on Research Needs from Disability Community
  • New Family Trainer & Participant Manual on CD
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educator's Group Newsletter

June 2004

  • SAMSHA Launches Multimedia Mental Health Education Effort
  • Photovoice Class Offered in Recovery Center
  • Discounts Available for People with Psychiatric Disabilities and their Families
  • Self-Determination Workshop Series Training Program

May 2004

  • SAMHSA New Conference Grant Program
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Product Special for May 2004!
  • Free Download: Self-Determination Workbook
  • Participate in a NAMI Walk
  • Alternatives to Traditional Staff Training

April 2004

  • The Principle of Personhood
  • Last call for applications in Psych Vocational Rehabilitation certificate program
  • The PDP online seminar series is complete
  • National forum of the 30th institute on rehab issues

March 2004

  • Spring Workshop Series at Boston University April 12-15, 2004
  • Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders Webcast Archived
  • Free Article Examines Treatments for Chronic Insomnia for People with Mental Illness

February 2004

  • Spring Workshop Series
  • Self Determination & Mental Wellness Conference: Call for Papers
  • Free Article Related to Psych Rehab Service Needs of Women

January 2004

  • Mental Health Recovery Training
  • Peer Support Conference
  • Vocational Rehab Training Program for Practitioners
  • Participate in an Online Seminar to Fulfill Your Licensing Requirements
  • Praise for New Book by Robert Gary Neugeboren

December 2003

  • Self-Determination Booklets for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Recovery Education Resource Newsletter
  • New Self-Paced Study Option for Professional Development Program

November 2003

  • IAPSRS Annual Conference 2004
  • Suggest a Recovery Resource for Website Repository
  • Identifying Functional Limitations in Relation to Employment
  • Dual Disorders Training Materials

October 2003

  • Mental Illness Awareness Week October 5-11, 2003
  • National Organizations Team up for Recovery Webcast
  • Mentoring Program Newsletter
  • New Book Authored by Robert Gary Neugeboren

September 2003

  • New SAMHSA Manual Aids Grant Applicants
  • Mental Health Parity Legislation Article Available for Free Download
  • New! Practitioner Tools for Choosing Valued Roles
  • An Array of Information about Rehabilitation Readiness

August 2003

  • RSA Commissioner Speaks at Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Awards Ceremony
  • Job Accommodation Network Training Symposium
  • Online Survey About Mental Health & Personal Choice
  • Documentary Focuses on Critical Mental Illness Issues

July 2003

  • World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Congress
  • New Professional Development Program Online Seminar
  • Article Discusses Disclosing a Psychiatric Disability in the Workplace
  • UIC Self-Determination Workshop to Focus on Cultural Diversity

June 2003

  • Special Announcement: NIDRR Invites Stakeholder Input Regarding Long Range Plan (2004-2008)
  • Free Recovery Article Available For Download
  • The Infinite Mind on National Public Radio Broadcast Live from the Carter Center
  • New Professional Development Program (PDP) Books & Tests
  • 20% Discount on Award Winning Book "Psychiatric Rehabilitation"

May 2003

  • New Recovery Workbook On Connectedness Available
  • The CPR Catalog Now Lists 45 Published Articles Available For Free Download
  • Assessing & Developing Readiness Newsletter
  • Psych Rehab Practitioner Tools: Assessing & Developing Readiness Now Available In 3 Formats!

April 2003

  • Free Download! Evidence-Based Practices Article Available for a Limited Time
  • New! Audio Taped Workshop Package Available
  • New Offering in Professional Development Program (PDP) in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • UIC Self-Determination Workshop #4
  • Social Security Administration to Revise Rules for Evaluating Mental Disorders

March 2003

  • Exciting Training Opportunity!
  • Study Findings: People With Serious Mental Illness Use Alternative Health Care To Aid Recovery
  • Recovery Workshop Online Registration Available
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Webcast Archived & Available For Download

February 2003

  • Conference Keynote Webcast Released
  • Spanish Translations Available
  • New! Practitioner Tools for Achieving Valued Roles
  • Recovery Workshop Coming Soon
  • Consumer Operated Service Program Study

January 2003

  • Program Administrators Survey
  • Now Recruiting Mentors in Boston Area
  • Study Findings on Reasonable Workplace Accommodations Available For Download
  • National Research Report on Mental Health Recovery Published

November 2002

  • SAMHSA "SIMS" Delivers News Via Email
  • New Book Provides Info on Finding & Starting Self-Help Groups
  • UIC Self-Determination & Internet Webcast Archived & Available for Download

October 2002

  • Dr. Michael Hogan at Boston University
  • UIC Self-Determination Broadcast on the Web
  • Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow Features Recovery Article
  • Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Substance Abuse

September 2002

  • Certificate Program to Receive National Award
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Offered
  • Conference Discount for Groups of 5 or More!
  • IAPSRS Toolkit Article Available for Download

July 2002

  • The Job Accommodation Network: A Valuable Resource
  • Assessment in Psychiatric Rehabilitation now Updated
  • Conference Press Release Available for Download
  • Web Site for Consumers Managing Psychiatric Disabilities in Work and School

June 2002

  • Recent Article Examines Personal Assistance Services
  • Conference Themes Important for Administrators, Practitioners & Educators
  • National Study of Professionals and Managers with Psychiatric Conditions Widely Publicized
  • Consumers Learn to Advocate for Themselves

May 2002

  • FAQ By Educators and Employers Now Available as PDF Files
  • Register online for October National Conference
  • Do You Need Options for Continuing Education?
  • CMHS Announces a New Resource Center to Address Stigma

April 2002

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Skill Development Interventions Seminar
  • Download Posters and Brochures National Conference
  • Self-Determination Workshop to be held in Chicago
  • Supported Education & Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Models and Methods

March 2002

  • Poster Session Deadline Extended!
  • Learn to Facilitate a Recovery Workshop
  • Article: Unique Issues in Assessing Work Function
  • Online Purchasing Now Available for Selected Items!

January 2002

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation 2nd edition
  • Poster Presentation at the International Conference
  • Training for the Future
  • Creating Wellness: Key Concepts for Mental Health

December 2001

  • Institute for the Study of Human Resilience
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Alternative Approaches to Mental Health Care
  • Practitioner Tools for Rehabilitation Readiness

October 2001

  • Participate in research
  • Earn Professional Development Hours
  • Parenting while depressed
  • Rehabilitation Readiness

September 2001

  • Fall Workshops
  • Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Certificate Program
  • Article published about IAPSRS Toolkit


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