Being an economics student, I am an avid defender of the globalizing world and its material benefits. But I am also a traveller, always venturing out to find stories from cultures around the world. It was upon reading Justin Nobel’s article “The Last Inuit of Quebec” that I found the economist and the traveller within me at odds. My essay embodies this very debate, posing difficult questions to the liberals of our world. It uses a rather abstract concept of loneliness to highlight loss of minority culture as the cost of growing liberalism.

ROMIL PANDEY is a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences in pursuit of a major in economics and mathematics, and hopefully a minor in international relations. Though she mainly describes herself as a movie geek, her other enthusiastic passions include dancing and traveling. She prides herself on hailing from the city of Kanpur, India, and also her unapologetic brownness. She would like to thank Professor Christina Michaud for tolerating her typos and for guiding her thoughts in her writing class.