The Writing Program, through the generous gift of Jennifer Simpson, has initiated an opportunity for departments  and programs to undertake a systematic overview of the state of writing within the discipline in collaboration with a Writing Program faculty member. This year-long process of analysis, research, and reflection aims to stimulate lasting and sustainable curricular change. The collaborative process results in the production of a Writing Plan that will identify areas of strength and need and generate recommendations for transformative curricular reforms.

In 2021-2022, Dr. Jessica Kent, Sr. Lecturer in the Writing Program, assumed the role as the WID Faculty Consultant to the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience. In a series of 18 meetings over the course of the year, Dr. Kent and four Neuroscience faculty members developed BU’s first Writing Plan. The Neuroscience Writing Plan will not only transform the curriculum in this field, but it will also serve as an exemplar for subsequent units who undertake this work.

In 2022-2023, Dr. Kent will be working with the Economics department as the WID Faculty Consultant, to help this unit develop its Writing Plan.