As the child of nomadic parents, I have had a wealth of experience concerning place, both as a visitor and calling a new place home. Being an artist myself, I am continually inspired by place, as my work is largely dominated by landscape paintings and travel photography. Seeing my own experiences and feelings reflected in my work and buying into the tradition of the capture of place, I wanted to show the importance of place as not just a method of documentation, but instead part of a deeper artistic sentiment, one that was infinitely more powerful than merely a picturesque landscape. Already being a fan of Clement’s early, somber work, I was inspired to combine how he came to create this powerful series and how he pushed the envelope of photography, helping to showcase it as a valid method of revealing emotion and deeper meaning.

CLAIRE RICH is a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a major in Art History. In addition to her passion for Art History, she is pursuing a double minor in Visual Arts and Arts Leadership in the College of Fine Arts, with hopes of curating after graduating. Claire grew up all across the Midwest but has come to call Chicago home. She would like to profusely thank Professor Holly Schaaf for her dedication in helping her improve as a writer, reigniting her love for her Irish heritage, and for submitting this essay on her behalf. She would also like to acknowledge the support of her parents in encouraging her to follow her passions at BU, bringing her to write this essay.