Roxanna Altus

“Now I Am Become Death, The Creator of Worlds”
Instructor: Sean Desilets, WR 100

Davis Davidson

“Spiritual and Physical Death in Louise Glück’s Averno
Instructor: Kevin Barents, WR 100

Cuiying Feng

“Identity and Place”
Instructor: Lesley Yoder, WR 098

Justin Fogliasso

“The Special Case of Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence”
Instructor: Millan Abinader, WR 100

Kim Hughes

“An American Tradition: How the Societal Conditions which Shaped the Populism of William Jennings Bryan also Shaped the Populism of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders”
Instructor: Thomas Underwood, WR 150

Kairav Maniar

“The American Frontier: A Living, Breathing Mechanism of the American Identity”
Instructor: Allison Blyler, WR 150

Luis Enrique Moya Canovas

“Understanding the Spanish Exception:  a Model-Based Explanation for the Absence of Right-Wing Populist Parties in Spain and the Nature of Populist Movements in Europe”
Instructor: Jura Avizienis, WR 150

Catherine Peerson

“Nameless Narrators in Waiting for the Barbarians and Swing Time
Instructor: Christopher McVey, KHC ST 112

Alan Perry

“Frankenstein and Dracula: The Purpose and Future of 19th Century Science”
Instructor: George Vahamikos, WR 100

Felix Phillips

“Guns and Whorehouses: Violence and Gender in True Grit and McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Instructor: Michael Degener, WR 100

Shaun Robinson

“Looking Up: How Robert Frank Questioned the Containment Narrative”
Instructor: Gwen Kordonowy, WR 100

Madeline Schmidt

“Passive Princesses: How Fairy Tales Explore the Feminine Experience…Or Don’t”
Instructor: Theodora Goss, WR 100

Xingyu Wang

“Unreliable Narrator 1948, or Why I Don’t Always Trust Twelve-Year-Old Boys”
Instructor: Michael O’Mara-Shimek, WR 097

Annabelle Winter

“History Has Its Eyes on—The Very Model of a Modern Major-General: Code-Switching in Hamilton
Instructor: Ethan King, WR 150