Makhlouf Redjdal and Floyd B. Humphrey
Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
Boston University

The dynamics of three-dimensional non-periodic structures of single Pi vertical Bloch line (VBL) and single 2Pi-VBL in magnetic garnet are investigated using micromagnetic simulations by solving the Lifshitz Gilbert equation.

A comoving technique is used to track a single domain wall with a single Pi-VBL when a field is applied perpendicularly to the surface of the film. A 2Pi-VBL is split into two single Pi VBLs when an in-plane field is applied in the same direction as that of the center spin of the 2Pi-VBL. The images show the magnetization direction in a side view of the domain center slice starting from the equilibrium state until the steady state is reached, The color map represents the in-plane magnetization angle ranging from 0 to 180 degrees.

Video Sequences


Video Sequence

Pi-VBL in a Perpendicular Field. 3D Dynamics in a Comoving system.



Video Sequence

2Pi-VBL in a 30 Oe In-Plane Field. Field applied for 8 nanoseconds. Subsequent motion is with no field applied.

Hardware: Thinking Machines Corporation CM-5 at Boston University.
Software: Program written by Makhlouf Redjdal in CM Fortran and CMSSL.
Graphics programming and video production: Erik Brisson, Scientific Computing and Visualization Group, Boston University.
Acknowledgments: Special thanks to Robert Putnam.