An ever-increasing number of projects within the Boston University community rely on computation as an essential element of their research. The Research Computing Services (RCS) group has supported high-performance research computing and visualization at Boston University for over 30 years. Included on this page is a sampling of projects that have used the computational resources and consulting services supported by RCS as part of their work. In addition, many of the projects involve computer graphics and videos, ranging from simple plots to complex animations and these were often heavily assisted by RCS staff. These graphics were used for exploration and understanding of the work in progress, as well as for presentation.

More recent projects are shown towards the top of the page. The date given for each project is the year the piece was added to this page.

Research Computing Highlights

Reliance on Science in Patenting (2019)
Matt Marx and Aaron Fuegi

Neuroimaging of Language and Memory (2018)
Matthias Heyne

Individual Differences in Structural Learning and Memory Interference (2018)
Allen E. Chang, Adam Johnson, Andrew S. Whiteman, and Chantal Stern

Modelling HST Observations of the Martian Exosphere (2013)
John Clarke, Dolon Bhattacharyya, and Jean L. Bertau

Omphalitis Community Based Algorithm Validation Study (OCAVS) (2013)
Julie Herlihy, Davidson Hamer, Katherine Semrau, Kojo Yeboah-Antwi, Arthur Mazimba, and Caroline Grogan

Porting RESTMD in CHARMM to the Katana Cluster (2013)
Shanadeen Begay, Dr. Jae Gil Kim, Tom Keyes, and Yann Tambouret

Triggering of El Niño Onset by Northern Hemisphere Sea-level Pressure Variations (2012)
Bruce T. Anderson, Renellys Perez, and Katia Oleinik

The ATLAS Experiment at CERN (2001-2023) Project moved in 2023 to UMass Dartmouth
Steve Ahlen, Nafiun Awal, Clare Bernard, Kevin Black, John Butler, Robert Harrington, Michael Kruskal, Alex Long, Jeremy Love, Karishma Sekhon, James Shank, Zhen Yan, and Saul Youssef

Visuospatial Perception and Navigation in Parkinson’s Disease (2012)
Daniel E. Young, Robert C. Wagenaar, Cheng-Chieh Lin, Ying-Hui Chou, and Elliot Saltzman

Kinetic Farley-Buneman Turbulence
M. Oppenheim, L. Dyrud, A. vom Endt, R. Putnam, R. Gasser, and E. Brisson

3-D Reconstruction of Melt Geometry from 2-D Electron-microscope Images
Gordana Garapic, Ulrich Faul, and Erik Brisson

Edgetone Simulation
Douglas L. Sondak

Lattice QCD 09
Simulation of Lattice Quantum-Chromodynamics and Other Lattice Models
Claudio Rebbi, Adam Avakian, Ron Babich, Richard Brower, Mike Clark, James Osborn, and David Schaich

PetRBF - A Parallel O(N) Algorithm for Radial Basis Function Interpolation
Rio Yokota, Lorena A. Barba, and Matthew Knepley

Tomographic Reconstruction
Tomographic Reconstruction of Forest Structure from a Ground-Based Lidar Instrument
Xiaoyuan Yang, Alan Strahler, and Erik Brisson

Fan Acoustics
Fan Acoustics
Sheryl M. Grace, Douglas L. Sondak, Daniel J. Dorney, Michaela Logue, and Michael J. Cannamela

Experimental Validation of the Influence of White Matter Anisotropy on EEG Forward Solution
Nitin B. Bangera, Donald L. Schomer, Steve Papavasiliou, Don Hagler, Nima Dehghani, Istvan Ulbert, Eric Halgren, and Anders M. Dale

Structural Holes
Structural Hole Theory: The Relationship between Corporate Ties and Corporate Innovation
Erik Noyes

Optimal Space-Time Finite Difference Scheme for Binaural Room Impulse Response Calculation
Yusuke Naka, Assad A. Oberai, and Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham

Baryon Structure in QCD
R. Babich, J. Howard, C. Rebbi, F. Berruto, C. Hoelbling, N. Garron, L. Lellouch, and N. Shoresh

The Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling
Jeffrey Hughes, Director

EarLab: A Virtual Laboratory for Auditory Experimentation
David Mountain, David Anderson, Glenn Bresnahan, Andrew Brughera, Socrates Deligeorges, Allyn Hubbard, David Lancia, and Viktor Vajda

Vortex Shedding Simulation
Douglas L. Sondak and Erik Brisson

Lattice QCD
R. Babich, J. Howard, C. Rebbi, C. Hoelbling, N. Garron, L. Lellouch, S. Necco, F. Berruto, and N. Shoresh

Interactive Streakline Rendering in a Rocket Engine Turbopump Inducer on a Tiled Display Wall
Douglas L. Sondak, Erik Brisson, and Daniel J. Dorney

General Equation Set Method for Compressible and Incompressible Turbomachinery Flows
Douglas L. Sondak and Daniel J. Dorney

Lattice QCD
R. Babich, J. Howard, C. Rebbi, N. Shoresh, C. Hoelbling, N. Garron, L. Lellouch, S. Necco, and F. Berruto

EarLab: A Virtual Laboratory for Auditory Experimentation 2003
David Mountain, David Anderson, Glenn Bresnahan, Socrates Deligeorges, Andrew Howitt, Lan Hu, Lee Lichtenstein, Diana Ma and Viktor Vajda

Vibrational energy relaxation of tailored hemes in myoglobin following ligand photolysis supports energy funneling mechanism of heme cooling
Lintao Bu and John E. Straub

A Patient-Specific Computational Analysis of Electrical Defibrillation
Daniel Mocanu, Joachim Kettenbach, Michael O. Sweeney, Bruce H. KenKnight, Ron Kikinis and Solomon R. Eisenberg

Quantum Dynamics of Excess Electrons in Metal - Molten Salts Solutions
Daniel Montemayor, Tomas Castonguay, David Coker, Serena Causo and Giovanni Ciccotti

Interactive Streakline Rendering in a Distributed Computing Environment
Douglas L. Sondak, Erik Brisson and Daniel J. Dorney

Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling
W. Jeffrey Hughes, Director

Excited State Dynamics of Molecules in Liquids and Solids
Ning Yu, David Coker and Claudio Margulis

Patient Specific Modeling of Internal Defibrillation
Daniel Mocanu, Joachim Kettenbach, Michael O. Sweeney and Solomon R. Eisenberg

Simulation of Coupled Unsteady Fluid Dynamics and Conduction Heat Transfer in a Turbine Stage
Douglas L. Sondak and Daniel J. Dorney

Simulations and Analysis of Meteor Trail Plasma Dynamics in the Ionosphere
L. P. Dyrud, M. M. Oppenheim, G. Vetoulis and A. F. vom Endt

Electron Phase-Space Tornados: Observations in Space, Simulations, and Animations
M. Oppenheim, D. L. Newman and M. V. Goldman

Photodissociation Dynamics of I2¯ in CO2 Clusters
Claudio J. Margulis and David F. Coker

Applications of statistical mechanics in the study of Alzheimer's disease
Luis Cruz

Baryon Number Violation
Claudio Rebbi

Instantons and Monopoles are Locally Correlated with the Chiral Condensate
S. Thurner, M.C. Feurstein and H. Markum

Visualization of Cuts for Computing Magnetic Scalar Potentials in Multiply-connected Regions by the Finite Element Method
P.W. Gross, P.R. Kotiuga, E. Brisson and G.J. Bresnahan

Stretched Liquid Water: Finite Size Effects
Francis Starr and H. Eugene Stanley

Photofragmentation of I2¯·Ar17Clusters
Victor S. Batista and Prof. David F. Coker

Modeling Molecular Photodissociation and Recombination in Liquids and Solids
David F. Coker and Victor Batista

Particle-in-Cell Simulation of Two-Dimensional Drift Turbulence in a Pure Electron Plasma Column
Bruce M. Boghosian

Nucleation of a Modulated Phase in Ordering Alloys:Labyrinths or Columns?
Professors Nicholas Angelo Gross, Ken Elder and Bulbul Chakraborty

Crystalline Computation
Norman Margolus and Raissa D'Souza

Relativistic Hydrodynamic and Emission Simulations of Jets
Jose L. Gomez and Alan P. Marscher

Gravitation Migration of a 3-D Droplet Along an Inclined Plane
Mark Ford and Ali Nadim

Simulations of 3D Non-Periodic Structures of Pi-VBL and 2Pi-VBL in Magnetic Garnet
Makhlouf Redjdal and Floyd Humphrey

Quantum Molecular Dynamics Studies of H2 Transport in Water
H.S. Doris Mei and David F. Coker

Non-linear Field Evolution in Nucleon Production Processes
Claudio Rebbi and Robert Singleton

Acoustic Field Visualization of Thin Airfoil in Nonuniform Subsonic Flow
Dr. Sheryl Grace and Brad Mahoney

Vorticity and Temperature in the Measurement Plane
Dr. Donald Wroblewski and William Arminger

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ion Propagation through a Protein Ion Channel
Ljubomir T. Citkusev, Richard Brower and Charles DeLisi

TERRIERS Satellite Project
Daniel Cotton