An ever-increasing number of projects within the Boston University community rely on computation as an essential element of their research. The Research Computing Services (RCS) group has supported high-performance research computing and visualization at Boston University for over 30 years. Included on this page is a sampling of projects that have used the computational resources and consulting services supported by RCS as part of their work. (See our Visualizations Gallery for examples of visualizations enabled by RCS).

Reliance on Science in Patenting (2019)
Matth Marx and Aaron Fuegi

Neuroimaging of Language and Memory (2018)
Matthias Heyne

Individual Differences in Structural Learning and Memory Interference (2018)
Allen E. Chang, Adam Johnson, Andrew S. Whiteman, and Chantal Stern

Modelling HST Observations of the Martian Exosphere (2013)
John Clarke, Dolon Bhattacharyya, and Jean L. Bertau

Omphalitis Community Based Algorithm Validation Study (OCAVS) (2013)
Julie Herlihy, Davidson Hamer, Katherine Semrau, Kojo Yeboah-Antwi, Arthur Mazimba, and Caroline Grogan

Design & Development of Confocal Microscope for 2D/3D Fluorescent Nanoparticles Tracking (2011)
Zhaolong Shen and Sean B. Andersson

Porting RESTMD in CHARMM to the Katana Cluster (2013)
Shanadeen Begay, Dr. Jae Gil Kim, Tom Keyes, and Yann Tambouret

Triggering of El Niño Onset by Northern Hemisphere Sea-level Pressure Variations (2012)
Bruce T. Anderson, Renellys Perez, and Katia Oleinik

The ATLAS Experiment at CERN (ongoing)
Steve Ahlen, Nafiun Awal, Clare Bernard, Kevin Black, John Butler, Robert Harrington, Michael Kruskal, Alex Long, Jeremy Love, Karishma Sekhon, James Shank, Zhen Yan, and Saul Youssef

Visuospatial Perception and Navigation in Parkinson’s Disease (2012)
Daniel E. Young, Robert C. Wagenaar, Cheng-Chieh Lin, Ying-Hui Chou, and Elliot Saltzman