Patrick Kinney

Patrick L. Kinney, ScD

Professor, Environmental Health - Boston University School of Public Health


Dr. Kinney joined the School of Public Health faculty in January 2017 as the inaugural Beverly Brown Professor of Urban Health. He was trained as an air pollution epidemiologist at Harvard School of Public Health, and came to BU after two decades at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. In his time at Columbia, he showed how warming temperatures make air pollution like urban smog worse, and more harmful to populations. He led the development of an integrated modeling system to predict the air pollution health effects of climate change into the future. Working at the intersection of climate change, health, and policy, Kinney has conducted research from the South Bronx to China to rapidly growing cities throughout Africa. At Columbia, he also created an interdisciplinary research and teaching program examining the potential impacts of climate change on health. At BU, Kinney is developing a new program that focuses on assessing the health benefits of urban climate action plans, via strategies to promote active transport, green infrastructure, and clean vehicles.

Other Positions

  • Beverly A. Brown Professor for the Improvement of Urban Health, Environmental Health - Boston University School of Public Health


  • Harvard School of Public Health, ScD Field of Study: Environmental Health
  • Harvard School of Public Health, MS Field of Study: Environmental Health
  • University of Colorado Boulder, BA Field of Study: Fine Arts

Classes Taught

  • SPHEH720


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