Classroom Consulting Projects.

Our highly trained master’s level students consult with domestic and global organizations to help forward their mission and achieve their goals.

If you are interested in becoming a client for a classroom consulting project, please visit our Collaborate.Health website. For questions, please contact us at

Here are some examples of how students have contributed to organizations:

  • Healthcare Capacity Building in Developing Countries: Developed community health worker training to decrease mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Zambia.
  • Evaluating Public Health Interventions: Developed comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation plan for NGO enabling them to showcase results of new breast feeding intervention.
  • Hospital Quality Improvement: Worked with clinicians and administrators to implement Quality Improvement initiative to help major hospital reduce Hospital Acquired Infections.
  • Health IT and Database Development: Collaborated in the design of a distributed data network for research institute, and developed user-friendly tools for partners to easily access data.
  • Process Improvement and EMR Coordination: Teamed with front line staff of major hospital to implement project which reduced patient wait time through leveraging EPIC.
  • Strategic Planning: Researched and evaluated investment opportunity for highly ranked Pioneer ACO to offer new benefit enhancements under a Next Generation ACO model, specifically telehealth expansion and post discharge home visits.
  • mHealth Application Design: Developed mHealth application using RapidPro to increase clinic visits by providing people in Tanzania with information about local health facilities.
  • Communications and Intervention Planning: Developed intervention and communication plan to improve the healthcare experience for patients with Autism at major health provider.