Areas of Biostatistics Research.

Biostatistics faculty are actively engaged a variety of methodological and collaborative research. Through the methodological research, our faculty identify and solve statistical problems and improve current practice in biomedical research. In collaborative research, our faculty are involved in study design and properly analyzing and interpreting data from clinical trials or observations studies. Our faculty have a wide range of academic and industry collaborations. Most of our graduate students, especially doctoral students, have the opportunities to assist faculty in the research projects during the course of their studies.

Methodological Research Collaborative Research Topics Collaborative Research Studies
Bayesian Methods Addiction Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Clinical Trials Aging Black Women’s Health
Correlated Data Analysis Cancer Framingham Heart Study
Pharmaco-Statistics Cardiovascular MAVERIC
Risk Prediction Environmental Epidemiology Superfund Research Project
Spatial Statistics Genetics Urban ARCH Consortium
Statistical Computing Infectious Disease
Statistical Genetics Pharmaco-Epidemiology
Survival Analysis
Time Series Analysis

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