Biostatistics Seminars, Working Groups & Workshops.

Throughout the academic year in the department, faculty, students, and collaborators meet to discuss various research projects in progress. These meetings and working groups are great opportunities for students to sit in and participate in research discussions in the areas of clinical trials, statistical genetics, and observational studies. Students gain firsthand experience in developing research with faculty and master- and PhD-level students. Additionally, there are opportunities for students to present on a developing research area. Students are encouraged to attend and take advantage of these opportunities.


Statistical Genetics Seminar Series

The Statistical Genetics Seminar Series is held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 9:30am from September through May.  The goal of this seminar series is to create a community of researchers doing statistical genetics research, learn cutting edge research methods, and foster collaboration and exchange of ideas. The group brainstorms together in September to lay out the yearlong topics of interest for discussion. At each session, one person, group of participants, or invited outside speaker presents (formally/informally) the material, usually pertaining to his or her area of expertise, interest, or research, and leads the discussion. Our participants include a mix of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics students in addition to faculty members involved in genetics research. Please click here for more information.

Lead Faculty: Gina M. Peloso

Causal Inference Seminar Series

The Causal Inference Seminar Series is a collaboration between the Department of Biostatistics and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It meets at 1:00-2:00pm on the first Monday of each month, alternating between the Charles River Campus and Medical Campus. Guest speakers will present on different topics in causal inference. Lead Faculty: Sara Lodi and Judith Lok.

Doctoral Student Presentations

PhD student dissertation presentations are held regularly throughout the academic year. They are open to the public and all students and faculty are encouraged to attend. All presentations will be in Crosstown 4th Floor, 801 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, 02118.

  • Doctoral students in coursework phase are required to attend at least one PhD student presentation per semester.
  • Doctoral students in dissertation phase must (a) present the status of their dissertation work in at least one seminar per year and (b) attend at least 3 other students’ presentations each semester (fall and spring).

Presentation sessions last 1 hour with two students presenting at each session. Here is the schedule.

Other Seminars Of Interest

These seminars are held by other departments but may be of interest to our students. Notably they count for PhD students’ required seminar attendance.

  • Probability & Statistics Seminars in the Mathematics and Statistics Department
  • Genome Science Institute Seminars, a seminar series featuring innovative speakers in the field of statistical genetics
  • Biostatistics seminars from the CTSI
  • Econometrics in Public Health Group, a methods group is co-organized with faculty in the Departments of Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Health Law, Policy & Management; and Global Health. Please contact  Yorghos Tripodis (biostatistics) or Jacob Bor (global health) for more information.

Biostatistics Career Development Workshop

    Goal & Activities

    • The goal of the Biostatistics Career Development Workshop is to facilitate career development conversations tailored specifically to Biostatistics students. We host monthly workshops featuring alumni, professors, and current students who share career-related experiences.

    PhD Career Development

    Current committee members

    • Chunyu Liu Co-Chair
    • Howard Cabral Co-Chair
    • Kathy Lunetta
    • Kim Dukes
    • Gheorghe Doros
    • Xiaoling Zhang
    • Dongyu Wang (Student)

    Previous committee members

    • Howard Cabral
    • Joe Massaro

    Future Workshops

    • March 27, 2024
    • April 25, 2024

    Past Workshops


    Biostatistics Seminar Series

    o   June 13, 2024

    o   July 11, 2024