Master of Science in Global Marketing Management

Students in the Master of Science in Global Marketing Management (MSGMM) program at Boston University’s Metropolitan College benefit from a solid academic core in marketing complemented by state-of-the-art classes in areas with a critical impact on the field—including e-commerce, financial and economic analysis, project management, product and service development, and data analysis. Students obtain a broad understanding of the marketing research, decision-making, and advanced marketing techniques needed to excel in the global marketing field. Boston University’s master’s in Global Marketing Management also provides a well-rounded understanding of the cultural, financial, geopolitical, and international economics issues that affect activities and strategies related to international commerce and importing/exporting.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Global Marketing Management will be able to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of critical and innovative thinking, a perspective on global business, skills in enhanced communication and project leadership, as well as the technical tools and techniques necessary for business decision-making. Students will also have the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in international import/export transactions and a broader range of global economic operations, including NGO, government, and business activities.
  • An understanding of the unique aspects of different regions of the world and how they are positioned for global markets.
  • The skills necessary to conduct market research to assess customer needs as well as the ability of the firm to meet those needs through the development of new products and services.
  • An appreciation of the complexity of global production and distribution.
  • Comprehension of the complexity of international commerce to include financial analysis, law, and regional competitiveness.
  • Specific marketing skills and marketing concepts, such as social media marketing, reputation management, and data analytics, that can help update marketing operations.
  • The skills and abilities necessary to operate globally with an understanding of cultural differences, global marketing and research strategies, and regional adaptions.
  • The skills necessary to design and strategically manage various evolving forms of digital media, and engage in a broad range of innovative marketing techniques.
  • Knowledge and expertise of international marketing and management necessary to successfully compete in the global economy.
  • The ability to understand and analyze a variety of socioeconomic environments, and formulate competitive marketing strategies.
  • Facility in performing sophisticated market research and analysis through the application of a broad range of innovative marketing techniques and analytics, in order to seize major market opportunities.

MS in Global Marketing Management Program Options

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Amanada Henry

MS in Global Marketing Management (MET’18); BS in Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Amanda Henry
Lead Digital Strategist, Accelerated Growth Team, Google

What attracted you to Boston University over other schools?
BU MET’s programs are top-ranked in the country, and maintaining a high degree of challenge in my coursework was important to me. In addition, I loved the structure of the Global Marketing Management degree program. It truly provides a flexible learning experience for students of all backgrounds. I also appreciated the fact that taking the GMAT was optional for adults with substantial work experience. Lastly, the curriculum itself really stood out. I wanted the ability to specialize in the field of global marketing and I appreciated that each and every course served a specific purpose in expanding my learnings in this arena. During my time at MET, I received a promotion at Verizon and eventually caught the eye of a Google recruiter, precipitating a complete career change. I can truly say that having the BU brand and master’s degree had an impact on those opportunities.