Learn a broad cross-section of software applications!

AD100 is a non-credit laboratory designed to familiarize you with relational databases and how to manipulate them in Microsoft Excel, Power BI Desktop, and Microsoft Visual Studio (using SQL).

Completion of AD100 is required prior to the completion of the first assignment in AD571: Business Analytics Foundations. It is an essential first step to understanding the analytical methods that will be taught.

How AD100 will help you succeed:

By completing AD100 you will:

  • Engage with your Faculty
  • Familiarize yourself with structured data and how to gain insights from it in industry standard
    software environments
  • Gain familiarity with the Blackboard environment
  • Attain an AD100 badge, which is useful at BU and beyond
  • Successful completion will automatically enroll you in the follow-up laboratory: Business Analytics Tools & Applications (AD200).

Self-paced Laboratory or Instructor-Led

AD100 is available in both a Self-Paced Lab (SPL) and an Instructor-Led format. Both versions are free to any MET student. The SPL allows students to complete the lab independently, using the course resources in order to prepare for the six end-of-unit tests. The instructor-led version meets once a week and features live software demonstrations and interactive Q&A in real-time. Both versions allow students to access our virtual labs and try the software out themselves.

How to complete AD100

The only criteria to successfully finish AD100 and earn your AD100 badge is to complete each unit test, with a score of 60% or higher.

Students who are already familiar with some of the material in AD100 may wish to skip to the unit tests in these cases. The unit tests are not timed, and they can be retaken.

Students who earn their badges will retain access to all the lab material throughout their time at BU.

Still have questions?

How to Register and Access AD100

The Self-Paced and Instructor-led laboratories are only available if you have a BU identification number and email address. There are three ways in which you can access the lab:

AD100 Curriculum