Spouse Changing Jobs?

If your spouse experiences a change in employment status, (starts a new job, terminates employment, takes a leave of absence or has a change in work status including the percentage of time they work), you may need to make decisions about your benefits coverage at Boston University.  A change in your spouse’s employment is considered a life or career event and gives you the opportunity to make change to the benefits shown below.  You will need to request the change through Employee Self Service at BUworks Central by selecting the option “Manage my Benefits – Life or Career Events”.  You will also need a letter from your spouse’s employer, confirming the first or last day of employment, and the first or last day of benefits coverage.  Any change must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event.


How Coverage is Affected

Health and Dental Plans
If your spouse now has access to a medical and/or Dental plan, you may wish to consider which plans are most appropriate for you and your family.

If your spouse loses coverage for you and your family, you may wish to enroll yourself and your eligible family members in Boston University’s health and/or dental plan.

Flexible Spending Accounts
You may be able to start, stop, increase or decrease contributions to each account.
Personal & Family Accident Insurance
You may be able to start, stop, increase or decrease contributions to the Personal & Family Accident Insurance Plan.
Group Supplemental Life Insurance
Review your need for supplemental life insurance.
Retirement Plan and Supplemental Retirement & Savings Plan
Review your savings percentages.